5 Things to Do Instead of Shop on Black Friday

Black Friday has arrived! The annual post-Thanksgiving spend-a-thon gets hordes of people up at unreasonable hours only to wait outside in the cold all in the name of a good deal. Too often, shoppers return home defeated and exhausted – even if they did manage to save some money. Here at Lifeway, our team firmly believes that skipping the madness is good for the soul. Below are five ways to make use of your Black Friday that have nothing to do with shopping.



Skip the Shops and Show Some Love

Volunteer – Thanksgiving is over, but the season of giving has just begun. Head to your local food pantry, animal shelter, hospital, or community center and inquire about donating some of your time and energy. Trust us, it’s super rewarding. Bring the family along for a bonding experience unlike any other – but be sure to ask if the organization is kid-friendly first!

Exercise – There’s no better time to work off those Thanksgiving calories. Most people are still traveling or out shopping, so the gyms will be surprisingly empty. Plus, the endorphins you get from breaking a sweat will make you feel great. Not the gym type? Grab a bike, go for a run, or wrangle up the family for a nice long walk. Be sure to fuel up with a creamy kefir smoothie first.

Explore – As the holiday season picks up, it’s going to get harder to find time to escape the hustle and bustle. Pack your favorite snacks and head out for a day of exploration! Hit up your favorite hiking trail, have a picnic in the park, or check out that museum exhibit you’ve been meaning to see. Just make sure it’s open, first!

Clean – We know it’s not the most fun activity, but a good pre-winter clean out is both refreshing and rewarding. Store away the last bits of summer and pull out the winter coats, boots, sweaters and scarves. Thanksgiving gatherings always throw off your routine, but a clean home will get you back on track.

Relax – Who’s to say you have to do anything at all today? Stay in, watch movies, eat leftovers, take a nap – you don’t even have to leave the house! Avoid the Black Friday crowds and spend time with the people you love the most. How often do you get the opportunity to do nothing?

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