5 Things To Do Instead of Watching the Big Game

Across the nation, football fans are gathering at sports bars or hosting parties at home to watch the big game. Sure it’s a favorite American holiday for sports fans, but some of us are just not into it. If you fall into the latter crowd, go ahead and treat yourself to something you actually want to do today. You can always catch the highlights tomorrow. Here are five things to do that don’t involve football.

1. Cook Yourself a Little Somethin’ Special  

Just because you’re not watching the game doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the snacks. Try making Southwestern Farmer Cheese Poppers. Or cook an extravagant dinner just for you because you deserve it.

2. Watch the Puppy Bowl

If you don’t know what the Puppy Bowl is, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a mock-football game with puppies from animal shelters as the players. Watching adorable puppies frolic across a fake football field is well worth your time. Don’t even get us started about the kitty half-time show.

3. Start Meditating (Finally)

If you’ve been meaning to hop on the mindfulness bandwagon, now’s your chance. Escape into a quiet, peaceful corner of your home and put your mind at ease. Maybe it will turn into a habit, maybe you’ll end up falling asleep. Either way, it’s time well-spent.

4. Binge a New Show 

There’s a lot more to watch than just football. Curl up under a warm blanket and tune into that show everyone’s been talking about. Or re-watch an old favorite – whatever suits your mood.

5. Go on a Stay-cation

Everyone else is probably watching the game, so take advantage of the opportunity to avoid crowds. Check out that hot new restaurant you haven’t been able to get into or take yourself on a date to the movies. If the weather permits, take a walk around a nature preserve or park.

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