5 Easy and Delicious Ways to Use Lifeway Oat

LIfeway Oat

What to Know about Lifeway Oat:

If you’re looking for a healthy and organic oat milk, then let us introduce you to Lifeway Oat! Our cultured oat milk is unlike any other on the market; it’s organic, gluten-free, and contains 10 active live probiotic cultures with no dairy, artificial ingredients, GMOs, or stabilizers and emulsifiers like gums and oils. It’s even certified gluten-free since we exclusively use gluten-free USDA certified organic oats to make Lifeway Oat.

Despite all these benefits, we know many of you are still curious about how to actually use Lifeway Oat. So, we’ve put together this simple list of 5 easy ways to use Lifeway Oat that you are probably already familiar with. But if not, let us introduce you to your new milk staple and why Lifeway cultured oat milk is the best to use in place of any milk of your choice whether you’re exploring dairy-free alternatives or are already exclusively dairy-free or vegan.

1. Smoothies

Strawberries 'n' Cream Smoothie

One of the most obvious ways to use any milk of your choice is in smoothies, and Lifeway Oat makes for a terrific smoothie liquid option! Due to its silky smooth texture, Lifeway Oat makes creamy smoothies a dream with none of the lactose or gluten. Thanks to the 10 live and active probiotic cultures it contains, it’s also incredible for supporting gut health and the immune system if you choose not to enjoy our regular dairy-based kefir. Try our decadent, yet healthy, Cherry Cheesecake Smoothie for something new, or our latest Strawberries and Cream Smoothie recipe made with our Strawberry Vanilla flavor of Lifeway Oat.


2. Cereal and Overnight Oats

Raspberry and Nutella Overnight Oats

Cereal and overnight oats are also two delicious ways to use Lifeway Oat! Thanks to its magnificently smooth texture, it makes for the perfect pouring liquid on your favorite cereal options, and it’s great for overnight oats since the probiotics also help pre-digest the overnight oats for optimal gut health and digestion. Lifeway Oat also contains prebiotic fiber from the oats it is made with, as an added bonus. Try one of our latest favorite recipes using Lifeway Oat in overnight oats in this tasty Raspberry Nutella Overnight Oats recipe. Or, simply swap out Lifeway Oat wherever you would normally use milk in overnight oats or your favorite cold cereal.


3. Fruit Bowls of All Kinds

Tropical Cantaloupe Fruit Bowls

When it’s hot out, nothing is better than nature’s cereal! Add your favorite fruit to a bowl, such as fresh or frozen strawberries and pineapple, which both make great choices. Then, simply drizzle Lifeway Oat milk on top as a naturally healthy cereal! The milk gets sort of frosty on top when it hits the cold fruit and makes for one refreshing treat, whether for breakfast, a snack, or even a nighttime dessert! Feel free to use any toppings you like, too. Or, pick up a seasonal piece of melon or papaya, and make your own tropical fruit bowl with Lifeway Oat. We suggest one of our favorites if you’re looking for a starter recipe: Tropical Cantaloupe Boats!


4. Baking Recipes

Cereal Bars with Lifeway Oat

Do you love to bake? Then try using Lifeway Oat in your next sweet baking adventure! One of our favorite things about Lifeway Oat is that it works perfectly for baked goods, which makes sense since it’s made with natural organic oats, a prized baking staple of many. Try these Cereal Bars With Dried Fruit out for size if you’re looking for an easy recipe that also happens to be both adult and kid-friendly. You can use any cereal you like as well. Or, try it out in muffins, cakes, or cupcakes where you would normally use milk. You can use it as a one-to-one ratio, so there are no special measuring adjustments required to use Lifeway Oat.


5. Frozen Desserts

Chocolate and Caramel Nice Cream

Frozen desserts are a treat all year long, but especially when it’s warm out. If you’ve tried out nice cream made with frozen bananas and non-dairy liquid, then Lifeway Oat is the perfect dairy-free liquid to use in your frozen desserts. Whip up some frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, and frozen mango cubes in a blender with Lifeway Oat for an easy, tempting nice cream recipe with no lactose whatsoever. Or, swap out the kefir in our Chocolate and Caramel Nice Cream recipe with Lifeway Vanilla Oat to satisfy your next chocolate craving!


No matter how you choose Lifeway Oat, we hope you’ll love it! Be sure to follow us and tag us on Instagram if you have a favorite way to use Lifeway Oat or if you have any questions. Learn more about Lifeway Oat here, and find Lifeway Oat near you with our handy online store locator.