Kefir Sundaes for National Ice Cream Sundae Day

Ah, the ice cream sundae! No summer is complete without indulging in at least one of these comfort food classics. While the birth place of the original ice cream sundae is still heatedly contested, according to What’s Cooking America, “some historians claim…that the name ‘sundae’ was created in response to the Blue Laws which said that ice cream sodas could not be sold on Sundays because they were to ‘frilly.’”

‘Frilly’ is right. Deliciously frilly.


Unfortunately, the ice cream of old and (most) ice cream today are far from the same thing. With modified milk, artificial ingredients and additives, plus excessive sugar-filled toppings, today’s ice cream sundae is less of a treat and more of a threat. Even frozen yogurt, originally thought to be a healthier option, can be loaded with added sugars and flavors. No, when looking for a sweet treat to satisfy our sundae sweet tooth (without worrying about our waistlines), we turn to our fabulously frozen Lifeway Frozen Kefir!

Our frozen kefir (available in five flavors in pints, four in frozen bars!) is a tart and tangy, healthy treat that can be enjoyed by just about anyone! It’s:

  • Low in calories (90 per ½ cup scoopable, 60 calories per bar)
  • Low in fat
  • Made from milk that isn’t treated with hormones or pesticides
  • Contains 10 active probiotic strains
  • up to 99% lactose-free
  • Gluten free
  • Full of protein and calcium


When topped with fresh fruits and nuts, your Lifeway Frozen Kefir sundae is a treat you can feel good about eating.

What’s Cooking America