Hello Lifeway Oat!

Lifeway Oat is no ordinary oat milk

There are a lot of milk alternatives. If you take a quick trip to your local grocery store, you’ll find a sizable selection of milk made from plants. But not all are created equal. Oat milk is more allergy-friendly than almond or soy milk. It’s creamier than rice or hemp milk. Compare oat milk to the others and you’ll see that this non-dairy drink is second to none. And Lifeway Oat is the best of the best.

Unlike other oat milk, Lifeway Oat is fortified with 10 live and active vegan probiotic cultures. Research suggests that these probiotics help maintain microbiomial balance and may support healthy digestion, better immunity, and improved mental wellbeing. Lifeway Oat is also packed with prebiotics, the food probiotics need to flourish. The probiotic/prebiotic relationship brings the full potential of oats to the table.

Blend Lifeway Oat with your favorite fruits for a sublime smoothie. Replace the milk and cream and use Lifeway Oat in your favorite baking recipes. Or simply drink one of Lifeway Oat’s six different flavors straight out of the bottle for a powerhouse probiotic boost. If you’re already familiar with Lifeway Kefir, but you’re looking to cut back on the dairy, Lifeway Oat is exactly what you need.



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