Lifeway’s Favorite Blog Posts: 2014

The year is drawing to a close and at Lifeway, we’re looking back on everything we’ve seen, made, experience and tried. From music festivals and food shows, to non-profit cooperation and kitchen creations, we’ve definitely had an exciting year.

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While we have a lot of really cool things planned for next year (surprises we’re struggling to keep), we want to take the time to look back on the past year and revisit some of our favorite posts. Whether you follow us for the food, the recipes, the knowledge or the quirkiness, we’re happy to have you as a reader and can’t wait to share the years to come with you.

Lifeway’s Favorite Blog Posts – 2014


New Year’s Food Resolutions that Don’t Require a Scale

Every year around this time we are flooded with diet tips and tricks – some of them helpful, most of them bogus. Instead of succumbing to a crash diet, we’re going to follow these food fixes for a healthy 2015.


Nuts About You! A Chocolate Cherry Macadamia Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day Smoothie

A guilty pleasure that’s not so guilty, our cherry macadamia heart-healthy smoothie was a big hit in the office and our go-to treat for when we’re feeling romantic (or just want a treat).


3 New Ways to Get Your Probiotic Fix: Fresh Kefir Creations from Lifeway

2014 brought you three new Lifeway Kefir products that we love – our Perfect 12 line (made with stevia and no added sugar), Veggie Kefir (for those who prefer a savory drink), and Kefir with Oats (the protein and probiotics of kefir with the fiber of oatmeal). Look for new kefir flavors in 2015!


Open for business: the Lifeway Culture Shoppe!

Not only did we bring you new kefir products to enjoy, we brought the Chicago area a new way to enjoy our frozen kefir with our Lifeway Culture Shoppes! Chicago residents: look for them locally and enjoy delicious soft-serve frozen kefir.


Hibiscus Berry Kefir Smoothie

We made countless smoothies this year, and this hibiscus berry kefir version was a hit. With its bright color, healthy ingredients and tropical taste, it brought us perfectly from spring to summer.


Lifeway Bug Bites: Kefir Rhubarb Coffee Cake

If you think kefir was just for drinking, you’re wrong. Our kefir rhubarb coffee cake was a surprise hit. Dense, slightly sweet and perfectly tangy – we can’t wait to play with the recipe again in 2015!


Lifeway Bug Bites: Potato Salad with a Probiotic Kickstart

This potato salad ruled all of our gatherings and parties this past summer. No one could believe it was actually good for you! Do yourself a favor and keep it in your recipe book for next year – we certainly are!


Lifeway Bugs Bites: Kefir Ranch Dressing

Another summer favorite, this ranch dressing is incredibly versatile, not to mention delicious! For a thicker sauce you can use as a dip, strain 1 cup of kefir through a coffee filter (to remove the whey and achieve a thick consistency) and add an additional cup of liquid kefir (1 ½ cups total). Your friends and family will thank you!


Celebrate Another National Pancake Day? We’re Happy to Comply

Pancakes are definitely a breakfast that stays with you. We healthified ours by adding kefir and fresh apples, and by reducing the sugar. No one will miss it and you’ll be energized for hours!


Bring the Whole Family to Austin Kiddie Limits!

We couldn’t look back on the year without calling out our favorite family-friendly music festival! We had so much fun making murals and music with kids this year in Austin and can’t wait for next year’s festival.


Kefir for Kids

Staying with the kid trend, we focused on childhood nutrition this fall (sponsoring various health initiatives designed to promoted education and healthy habits in kids). This post opened the eyes of a lot of our staff as well.


How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Oh, the holidays. No matter how you look at it, delicious food, free-flowing libations and the cold weather put stress on our bodies and immune systems. When we’re feeling worn, we look to this post (and grab a jug of Lifeway Kefir, of course).

With fond memories we bid goodbye to 2014, but are looking forward excitedly to 2015!

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