We’re Going Greener! Our Plantiful Bottles Are Made With Plant-Based Material

Here at Lifeway, we care about our carbon footprint just as much as we care about creating delicious probiotic products for you and your family. Which is why we’re excited that our Plantiful bottles are made with environmentally friendly packaging called green polyethylene, a material that is made of sugarcane, a renewable resource. This will help us further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and still provide bottles that are safe, BPA-free, and recyclable!



Green polyethylene is a thermoplastic resin, which means our bottles will now use plant-based materials rather than fossil-based. By choosing a greener alternative in packaging and fighting for environmental sustainability, we’re fulfilling a crucial part of our mission and our commitment to using only all-natural, hormone and GMO-free ingredients, global philanthropy, responsible sourcing, and renewable energy initiatives.

“In addition to a growing appetite for healthier foods, people are paying closer attention to how their purchases impact the environment,” said Julie Smolyansky, our President and CEO. “Lifeway has always been committed to green business practices and environmental sustainability, so we felt that choosing a greener packaging alternative was the natural next step. We want customers to recognize that everything, from the ingredients we use to the packaging of our kefir, is good for our customers and the environment.”

Our bottles are currently all recyclable and BPA-free, and we use biodegradable plastics when possible, including cups, spoons, straws and napkins that are made from recycled, unbleached paper. We frequently review our sustainability efforts with the goal of minimizing our environmental impact and purchase renewable energy credits to offset electricity used in production. We’re very excited for this next stage of sustainable practices in producing delicious, healthy products for you!