Lifeway’s Efforts to Help Ukraine

Lifeway's Efforts to Help Ukraine.

Letter from our CEO, Julie Smolyansky

Thank you for your interest in standing with Ukraine and for learning more about how Lifeway Foods is helping bring critical unmet needs to those directly impacted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Together we can make a difference.

Like most everyone around the world, we are devastated and horrified as we witness the events unfolding in Ukraine. I was born in Kyiv, and was granted asylum as a refugee in the U.S. when I was an infant in 1976. I know first-hand what it means to flee your home and I am grateful for refugee resettlement organizations like HIAS, which sponsored my family. New projections show that this cirsis could potentially lead to over 5 million new people seeking refuge.

Many of our Lifeway team members are refugees and immigrants from the Former Soviet Union, Ukraine, Russia and the surrounding regions. Many still have family and friends that live there and are directly impated. My heart breaks alongside yours. I cry with you, pray with you, and I stand with you. I know how painful, scary and traumatic this feels.

Please take care of yourselves, be gentle with yourselves, practice self-care, take breaks from the news and know that we are together in our fight towards building a healthier, safer world where children do not have to fear bombs pointed towards their home mothers do not have to deliver newborns in bomb shelters, and father do not have to say goodbye to loved ones fearing they will never see each other again. Now is the time when the entire world must find the guts to stand up and demand an end to this senseless violence and say, "Stop this war." May we only know peace.

With love and admiration,

Julie Smolyansky

President and CEO

Lifeway Foods

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Lifeway’s CEO Julie Smolyansky’s speech for Ukraine at Chicago Chefs Cook for Ukraine Event.