Got kids? Then you know how challenging it can be to find healthful foods they’ll actually eat —especially on the go.

That’s why we created ProBugs kefir for children. Especially formulated to appeal to young kids’ taste buds and sense of fun, this yummy drinkable snack is a nutritional powerhouse your kids will love any time of the day!

Our kefir is made of 99% lactose-free cultured milk with tummy-loving microbes that help to balance the microbiome. This world of healthy bugs lives inside all of us and is an essential piece of the human health and vitality puzzle. Kefir for toddlers and kids, along with a prebiotic-rich diet, may help to create and maintain a balanced microbiome that can set kids up for a lifetime of health and vitality.

Scientists discover new links everyday between a host of human health indicators and a balanced diet of probiotics and prebiotics. While yogurt contains its share of probiotics, one ounce of kefir contains three times that amount. In addition, the probiotics in yogurt will pass right through the digestive tract, while kefir cultures stay put to help keep bad bacteria in check.

Lifeway ProBugs Kefir for Kids offers a sweet and tangy treat while also packing the probiotic power their bodies can use to grow healthy and strong.

Why Choose Kefir Instead of Milk for Your Toddler or Child?

Milk has its benefits. It provides essential nutrients, such as fat, calcium and protein. But it can also cause problems for children who are sensitive or allergic to it. It also isn’t the nutrient powerhouse that kefir is.

With kefir, you can enjoy all the benefits of milk, without the risks and problems. Giving kids kefir from a young age may also set them up for a lifetime of health by balancing the microbiome from early childhood.

Many parents are finding that when they feed their toddlers the recommended doses of kefir and other cultured milk products, the typical kid illnesses such as tummy aches, ear infections and seasonal bugs can be significantly reduced. In addition to the possible immunological benefits, there is mounting evidence that adding kefir to kids’ diets may help reduce colic, milk allergy and GERD, with more possible benefits being discovered daily.

In conjunction with a fiber-rich diet, adding kefir to your child’s diet can help set them up for a lifetime of strength, immunity and vitality.

The ProBugs Kids Kefir Advantage

Each delicious ProBugs flavor is made with organic whole milk — providing the necessary calcium, vitamin D and probiotics that growing kids need to stay healthy and strong. Packed with 12 strains of live probiotic cultures, ProBugs Kids Kefir is up to 99% lactose-free, gluten-free and USDA certified organic. This yummy dairy product packs a nutritional punch to help keep your child or toddler going strong.

Features of our ProBugs kids’ kefir products:

  • GMO-free
  • Hormone-free
  • Made from humanely sourced milk
  • BPA-free
  • Made using renewable energy
  • Made from milk supplied by local farmers

Packaging Information:

  • Caps – new Vizi TM rounded caps and spout contain 30% less plastic.
  • Pouch – new pouch now made from post-consumer recycled material.
  • Machine – our new machine runs 120 pouches per minute.
  • Design – our holders have a new design with probiotics and protein callouts.

Flexible packaging is an environmentally friendly alternative to rigid forms of packaging such as glass, PET, or aluminum cans. Compared to these traditional packages, flexible packaging reduces material that need to be recycled, land filled, or incinerated. Flexible packaging requires 75% less energy to produce and occupies 96% less space. One truckload of one-liter sized flexible packaging is equivalent to approximately 25 truckloads of rigid packaging. Flexible packaging produces less pollution and reduces waste.

At Lifeway, we care. Our products are tasty, nutritious and health-promoting — and when you buy ProBugs Kefir for Kids, or any of our other products, you are supporting local farmers and the environment.

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