Morning Wellness Smoothie

You can always squeeze in a healthy breakfast. Our Morning Wellness Smoothie will do the trick. Blend fresh ginger, lemon, honey, orange juice, carrot, collagen, and turmeric powder with our probiotic plain kefir for a superfood smoothie that will help you rise and shine for the beautiful day ahead.

Superfood Ingredients

Orange carrots contain the highest concentrations of alpha- and beta-carotene. Alpha- and beta-carotene promote and support your body’s production of vitamin A, which is a necessary vitamin for healthy eyes.

Honey contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which can help support and improve the digestive system and boost immunity. Even more, it has antiseptic properties that can inhibit the growth of certain kinds of bacteria. Finally, it contains antimicrobial properties that can help fight bacteria that cause sore throats.

Lemon juice might not be the key to curing cancer, some studies show that citrus limonoids may inhibit the development of certain tumors. Vitamin C might also help fight the formation of free radicals, which are known to cause cancer.

Turmeric contains curcumin, which is a compound that has been found to reduce swelling and inflammation. (This could be beneficial for digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcerative colitis.) Turmeric has a low bioavailability, which means that your body metabolizes it very quickly. Experts recommend pairing it with black pepper, which contains a natural substance called piperine that helps the body absorb the curcumin more slowly.

Ginger contains strong anti-inflammatory properties that have been shown to reduce swelling in joints. It has also been used to treat bloating, gas, and other intestinal and digestive ailments.

Kefir contains 12 live and active probiotic cultures (more than DOUBLE of traditional yogurt and milk), which may help increase the diversity of your gut microbiota. Several studies have shown a strong association between the gut-brain-microbiota. Probiotics introduced to the gut have been found to support immunityimprove allergies, and improve digestion.

Servings: 1 - 2


  1. Add all ingredients to the pitcher of a high-powered blender. Blend on high until smooth, or until desired consistency is reached.
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