Apple Pie Kefir Smoothie

One of our favorite parts of the new season? All the FALL foods! We’re celebrating by sipping on an apple pie kefir smoothie. Apples are a symbol of renewal and prosperity, the perfect fruit to eat during this transitional season. Embrace this change by adding our Apple Pear Cobbler Perfect 12 Kefir for a comforting blend of sweet and spicy fall flavors.

Drink Kefir, Feel Fabulous

We’re of course fans of all things kefir, but we’re especially proud of the fact that our kefir is up to 99% lactose-free. While this idea might seem contradictory (a milk drink without much milk sugar?), it’s completely true! “But how,” you ask? By fermentation, of course! On a basic level, a person who is lactose intolerant is unable to digest lactose (the sugar in milk). That’s a pretty obvious statement, but it’s important for framing the rest of the conversation. A person who is lactose intolerant is not allergic to milk or dairy foods (that’s something completely different), they simply do not possess or create the enzyme lactase, which is what our bodies use to break down lactose.

So what does fermentation have to do with lactose? To refresh what we discussed a few weeks ago, fermentation (or fermenting) is the term used to describe foods that have been broken down to a degree by bacteria, enzymes and yeast. The result of this process is the production of beneficial bacteria and enzymes. With our kefir, the bacteria we introduce are our 12 specific kefir cultures. These cultures break down the lactose and the resulting beneficial bacteria produced are the probiotic cultures.


Servings: 1 - 2


  1. Add all ingredients into the pitcher of a high-powered blender. Blend on high until smooth, or until desired texture is reached.


  • You can sub the Apple Pear Cobbler Perfect12 Kefir with Madagascar Vanilla Lowfat Kefir