Carrot Bacon Toast

Think outside the bread box with our Carrot Bacon Toast. This edgy carrot hack got its fame on TikTok and is now making its way onto your plate! Think of this recipe as an open-faced BLT without the bacon, and trust us, you won’t miss it! Carrots thinly sliced, marinated in spices, and air-fried, have a texture and flavor that’s similar to bacon without the cholesterol. Crunchy, smoky, and tangy, one bite of this toast and you’ll be ready to share this recipe with everyone you know!

Cultured Dairy: The Nutrition Benefits You Actually Need to Know

With increasing research linking the correlation between probiotics, gut health, and immunity, it’s no secret that the integrity of our gut is vital to our health. Although additional factors such as stress, antibiotic usage, and individual health conditions can contribute to the condition of our gut, a focus on healthy food choices is one of the easiest ways to support the microbiome.

Several studies have shown a strong association between the gut-brain-microbiota. Probiotics introduced to the gut have been found to support immunityimprove allergies, and improve digestion.

Studies have shown that reduced diversity of healthy gut bacteria during early years is associated with an increase in food allergies during school-age years. In addition, kefir made from whole fat milk helps absorb key nutrients such as Vitamins A, D, E, and K. Vitamin K is important because it helps your bones absorb calcium. It’s important to know that kefir contains a special trio: vitamin D, K, and calcium – all three crucial elements to support bone health.


Servings: 1 - 2


  1. Use a vegetable peeler, and peel the carrot from end to end, to create bacon-like strips.
  2. Add the strips to the bowl with the marinade, and allow to marinate for at least 20mins.
  3. To cook in an air fryer: In batches cook at 350F for 10 mins.
  4. To cook in an oven: Preheat oven to 400F. Bake carrots on a lined baking sheet for 10-15 minutes flipping halfway through. Check on them every few minutes in case they start to burn.
  5. Take toasted bread and layer with farmer cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and carrot bacon!