Crispy Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

This silky smooth Crispy Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie is the ultimate definition of dairy-free divinity. Packed with live probiotics from Lifeway Oat, this treat is a terrific way to include prebiotic fiber and still enjoy dessert. We prepared this pie with fresh ingredients, Lifeway Oat cultured oat milk, and real chocolate — all without the use of an oven! So, slice up a piece (or two!) of this decadent treat and beat the summer heat.

Not Just Oat Milk: Cultured Oat Milk Benefits to Know

With increasing research linking the correlation between probiotics, gut health, and immunity, it’s no secret that the integrity of our gut is vital to our health. Although additional factors such as stress, antibiotic usage, and individual health conditions can contribute to the condition of our gut, a focus on healthy food choices is one of the easiest ways to support the microbiome.

Several studies have shown a strong association between the gut-brain-microbiota. Probiotics introduced to the gut have been found to support immunityimprove allergies, and improve digestion. Studies have also shown that reduced diversity of healthy gut bacteria during early years is associated with an increase in food allergies during school-age years. In addition, a combination of fiber and probiotics is even more beneficial for the gut, immune system, and for brain health due to the way this combination strengthens the microbiome, the powerhouse system of your entire health. This is where Lifeway Oat is so beneficial since it is an organic, cultured oat milk beyond just another standard oat milk. Lifeway Oat contains both fiber and probiotics to help support a healthier body and brain, which means an overall healthier you.

Prebiotics + Probiotics = A Healthier You

Prebiotics are non-living, non-digestible carbohydrates naturally found in a variety of fiber-rich plant foods. Your body actually can’t digest prebiotics, so they’re what probiotics feed off of to remain actively working in your digestive system. They help the digestive system by promoting the growth of good bacteria. Prebiotics and probiotics work together in balance to make sure our digestive system stays on track and regular. Research has found that consuming a variety of prebiotic and probiotic food sources may improve your body’s natural functions, including both your immune and digestive systems.

Prep Time: 4-8 hours Servings: 6-8


  1. Line a 9-inch pie plate with foil so that foil extends about 2 inches over the sides of the pan; spray with nonstick cooking spray.
  2. Warm the peanut butter for 30 seconds in a medium microwave-safe bowl, then add the maple syrup, stir until combined, and fold in the cereal. Press the cereal mixture into an even layer in the prepared pie dish and refrigerate for 1 hour.
  3. Pulse bananas and vanilla in a food processor until coarse crumbs remain. Add cocoa powder and Lifeway Oat; purée on high until smooth, scraping down the bowl occasionally. It should make around 1½ cups.
  4. Spread banana mixture over cereal mixture; freeze for 1 hour.
  5. Using overhanging sides of the foil, transfer the pie to a large cutting board; remove foil and cut it into 10 slices. Top pie with coconut whipped topping, sliced bananas, strawberries, and chocolate chips; serve immediately.