Lifeway Farmer Cheese — Like Blended Cottage Cheese Without the Blender

What is Farmer Cheese

What is Lifeway Farmer Cheese?

Lifeway Farmer Cheese is a cultured soft cheese made in small batches with our original artisanal recipe. This handcrafted favorite has a flavor similar to cottage cheese, spreads like cream cheese, and has superfood health benefits with protein and probiotics. The ultra-creamy texture makes it the perfect addition to all your recipes. Want cottage cheese without the mess? Lifeway Farmer Cheese is like blended cottage cheese with no blending required!

• Up to 99% lactose-free

• 12 live and active probiotics

• 13g of protein per 4oz serving

• High in calcium

• Low in Sodium – No Salt Added

• No added sugar

• Gluten-free

With Lifeway Farmer Cheese, the Recipe Possibilities are Endless

Lifeway Farmer Cheese is an incredibly versatile ingredient with an adaptable flavor that complements whatever you have on the menu. Whether you're looking to add a creamy texture to your pasta, a probiotic boost to your breakfast, or a bold accent to your savory meals, Lifeway Farmer Cheese is the perfect ingredient. Mix it with sugary spices to elevate your favorite sweet treats, use it in a spicy recipe to offset the heat, or just enjoy it with a few berries as a nutritious midday snack. The possibilities are endless.

Sweet Treats

Farmer Cheese Ice Cream
Farmer Cheese Stuffed Cannoli


Kefir Cajun Pasta
Lemon Farmer Cheese Pasta


Lemon Farmer Cheese Pancakes
Farmer Cheese Breakfast Bowl


Spring Cauliflower Salad
Farmer Cheese Margherita Pizza
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