Charcoal Kefir Smoothie

It’s all a bunch of hocus pocus. The last quarter moon, a balance of inky black and milky white, rises on All Hallows’ Eve, casting its glow across the autumn sky. This lunar phase allows you to release emotions, reflect, and discover your personal power. Celebrate this enchanting night with our charcoal moon bowl: a nourishing way to welcome some magic into your life

Blueberries and lemon juice give this smoothie a healthy dose of vitamin C, which plays a crucial role in the creation of collagen, the most abundant protein found in our bodies. Collagen helps repair and restore dead skis cells as well as play a role in wound healing. Activated charcoal has the unique ability to bind other substances on its surfaces, such as cholesterol, bile acids, and gases in the intestines. This may reduce cholesterol levels as well as indigestion and heartburn

Probiotics can help balance the microbiome by replenishing the good bacteria, which may lead to improved digestion and better immunity. We’ve discussed before how our brain and gut communicate with each other. Scientists previously thought there was a one-way communication between the brain and the gut, but now realize that it’s a two-way line. Basically, your gut, which is comprised of millions of neurons called the enteric nervous system, is also talking back to your brain.

On top of alerting your immune system to foreign invaders, digesting and absorbing nutrients, your gut also produces serotonin. In fact, about 90% of the serotonin in your body is produced by the cells in your gut. The gut plays an integral role in protecting you against pathogens and viruses. Just as your skin protects you against foreign invaders on the outside, your gut lining protects you on the inside.

Servings: 1 - 2


  1. Blend the two layers separately in a high-powered blender.
  2. Pour the second layer into a bowl and slowly mix in the first layer for a nice marbling effect or you can pour one half in and the other to create the look above.
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