Springtime Smoothie Bowl

Refuel and recover with a Springtime Smoothie Bowl. Blend blueberries, avocado, and banana with our blueberry kefir. Blueberries have antioxidants that round up free radicals in the body and promote healthy cell growth, avocado has omega-3 fatty acids that may support brain development, and banana is a source of prebiotic fiber, which may fuel the 12 live and active probiotics in our blueberry kefir to balance the gut microbiome. Kefir also has 11 grams of protein per serving, which may aid in rebuilding muscle mass after a workout. Top your bowl with a beautiful display of coconut shavings, granola, mint leaves, and a few more blueberries.

Prebiotics + Probiotics = a Healthy You

Prebiotics are non-living, non-digestible carbohydrates naturally found in a variety of foods. Your body actually can’t digest prebiotics, so they’re what probiotics feed off of to remain actively working in your digestive system. They help the digestive system by promoting the growth of good bacteria. Prebiotics and probiotics work together in balance to make sure our digestive system stays on track and regular. Research has found that consuming a variety of prebiotic and probiotic food sources may improve your body’s natural functions, including both your immune and digestive system.

With increasing research linking the correlation between probiotics, gut health, and immunity, it’s no secret that the integrity of our gut is vital to our health. Although additional factors such as stress, antibiotic usage, and individual health conditions can contribute to the condition of our gut, a focus on healthy food choices is one of the easiest ways to support the microbiome.


  1. Add the kefir, blueberries, avocado and banana into the pitcher of a high powered blender. Blend on high until smooth.
  2. Pour into a bowl and garnish with additional blueberries, granola, coconut shavings and mint, if desired.