PB & Coconut Toast

We took the classic PB&J recipe and substituted jelly with Lifeay Coconut Honey Organic Kefir. It’s the flavor combo you never knew you needed. Top toasted sourdough bread with natural peanut butter, chopped walnuts, dark chocolate chips, coconut flakes, honey, and our coconut honey kefir. Natural peanut butter has healthy fats and plant-based protein. Coconuts contain powerful antioxidants that function as a protective shield against free radicals in the body, as well as amino acids, healthy fats, and fiber, which may support healthy blood sugar levels. Our kefir is high in protein for strong muscles, 25 percent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin D, and 12 live and active probiotic cultures that may balance the gut microbiome. Get the kids involved with snack time by setting out each ingredient in separate dishes. They’ll love decorating their own toast and they’ll have even more fun devouring their gut-healthy creations.

Cultured Dairy: The Nutrition Benefits You Actually Need to Know

With increasing research linking the correlation between probiotics, gut health, and immunity, it’s no secret that the integrity of our gut is vital to our health. Although additional factors such as stress, antibiotic usage, and individual health conditions can contribute to the condition of our gut, a focus on healthy food choices is one of the easiest ways to support the microbiome.

Several studies have shown a strong association between the gut-brain-microbiota. Probiotics introduced to the gut have been found to support immunityimprove allergies, and improve digestion.

Studies have shown that reduced diversity of healthy gut bacteria during early years is associated with an increase in food allergies during school-age years. In addition, kefir made from whole milk helps absorb key nutrients such as Vitamins A, D, E, and K. Vitamin K is important because it helps your bones absorb calcium. It’s important to know that kefir contains a special trio: vitamin D, K, and calcium – all three crucial elements to support bone health.

Servings: 1 - 2


  1. Top toasted sourdough bread with PB, kefir, walnuts, dark chocolate chips, coconut flakes, and honey! Enjoy!