Welsh Harvest Toast

Looks like PUMPKIN WEEK took a trip across the pond with our Welsh Harvest Toast, a comforting recipe that highlights ingredients popular in Wales. With peppery rocket leaves (arugula), sweet pumpkin farmer cheese, and buttery leeks, this comforting warm toast allows earthy veggies to harmonize.

Pumpkin Nutritional Benefits

  • Rich in fiber, which will help you feel fuller for longer! One cup of canned pumpkin contains seven grams of fiber.
  • Low in calories – fewer than 30 calories per serving.
  • Full of vitamin A, which is critical for healthy vision and a strong immune system. One cup of raw pumpkin delivers nearly double your daily vitamin A needs.
  • One cup contains 2.5mg of lutein and zeaxanthin. These antioxidants have been shown to reduce the risk of chronic eye diseases.
  • May protect Type-1 diabetics by helping to lower high-blood sugar. A recent Chinese study found that extract of the Asian pumpkin helped protect the pancreatic cells of type-1 diabetics from further damage.
  • A good source of vitamin C for immunity.
  • The seeds are rich in cancer-fighting antioxidants, minerals zinc, magnesium, copper, and phosphorus. Simply rinse them off after carving, pat dry, toss with olive oil and salt, and roast at 350°F for 20 minutes.

Make Your Own Pumpkin Puree

  1. Slice pumpkin in half, cover with aluminum foil
  2. Bake at 325 degrees for 1 hour
  3. Scrape pumpkin meat from shell and blend in a blender. Strain to remove stringy pieces.
Servings: 3-4


  1. Mix farmer cheese with pumpkin puree and salt.
  2. Slice leeks into thin coins and rinse with cold water. Pat dry and place into a hot pan with butter, garlic, and salt. Cook till translucent and soft.
  3. Spread the pumpkin farmer cheese over the toast, top with leeks, arugula (rocket leaves), sea salt, and black sesame seeds.