Golden Gin

Our Golden Gin cocktail blends the citrus flavors of Tangerine Elixir and pineapple juice to brighten the botanical undertones of Koval Distillery’s Dry Gin. Enhance the aroma of this spirit by garnishing with fresh thyme.

Gypsy Gin Cocktail

Cosmic and tart, our Gypsy Gin Cocktail blend is an alcohol-infused amulet that will awaken your vibrant energy. To enhance the floral undertones of Koval’s Dry Gin, we used Meyer lemons and our Tangerine Elixir. Garnish this bohemian tonic with a blood orange and lift your glass to the New Year!

Moscow Magick

A popular twist on the classic, our Moscow Magick cocktail combines our Ginger Elixir with KOVAL’s 100% Rye Vodka. Awaken your senses with this spiced and tart potion.

Sorcerer’s Spell

The fruity tones of our Elderberry Elixir combined with KOVAL’s single barrel bourbon will leave you enchanted. Replacing the usual rye or wheat supplement found in bourbon, KOVAL uses millet, an ancient grain found in Africa and Asia. The refreshing tartness of our Elderberry Elixir complements the bourbon’s soft undertones of peppery caramel and whispers […]

Raspberry Mango Kefir Daiquiri

Get ready for some poolside sipping! Our Raspberry Mango Kefir Daiquiri is a tart, refreshing smoothie that tastes even better with an ounce of rum blended into each layer.