5 Family-Friendly End-of-Summer Activities

While school has already started and is likely in full swing, summer will still lingering on for a few more weeks. So before you break our your autumn-scented candles, burlap wreaths and head to the pumpkin patch, take advantage of some of our favorite outdoor summer activities! Be sure to pack enough healthy snacks to avoid the fast food drive-thru. We suggest, of course, a variety of our ProBugs pouches, 8 oz kefir bottles, dips, muffins, salads and sauces.

Lifeway’s 5 Family-Friendly
End-of-Summer Activities



Hit the Beach

If you’re lucky enough to live near a body of water large enough to have a beach, the end of summer can be the perfect time to take advantage of the sandy shores as a family. The weather outside likely won’t be quite as hot as mid-August, but the water will be warm. If you’re lucky, the crowds will be small, too!

Take a Hike

Watching trees start to turn at the end of the summer is one of the best times to experience, and teach your kids about, the wonders of nature. Practice naming the different types of trees, identifying flowers/ground plants and learning about the natural inhabitants of your community.

Play-up Pre-Season

Tickets to professional sporting events can be pricey, especially for a family. Take advantage of pre-season deals and matinee games to make a family outing. There’s something exciting about sitting in the stands, surrounded by cheering crowds, after all. When the game is over, practice the moves you watched on the field in your yard or at the park to get your blood flowing.

Embrace Your Inner Picasso

Who doesn’t love sidewalk chalk? Grab a stick of chalk and practice your drawing and writing skills on a large scale. Create a hop-scotch course and challenge each other to complete it in record time. Best of all, your canvas can be renewed daily, thanks to the promise of end-of-summer storms.

See an Outdoor Show

An outdoor concert or movie under the setting sun is a great way to top off an excellent summer. Look for events in your neighborhood by checking out your town’s events calendar or giving the office a call. Grab your favorite blankets, pillows and snacks and spend the evening together under the stars.