#DogsLoveKefir on National Dog Day

If your Instagram feed is suddenly filled with photos of your friends’ pups, it’s because yesterday was National Dog Day.

Maybe your college roommate shared a snap of her cool retriever in aviators and a leather jacket.

Image Credit: Bark Post

Or your mom posted a funny GIF of a jetskiing bulldog.

Image Credit: Bark Post

Or maybe you stumbled upon this epic “baby” photo shoot that went viral after a couple got tired of their parents constantly asking when they were going to have kids.

Besides being endearingly cute, deliciously snuggly and unfailingly loyal, did you know that dogs tend to love kefir? Yummy taste aside, the probiotics in kefir are often used to quell canine tummy troubles (check out this video of a Florida veterinarian giving kefir to some patients). In this Scientific American story, small-animal internist and clinical nutritionist Richard Hill explains that gastrointestinal issues are the second-most common health problem in dogs after skin diseases. And as many humans with a GI issue will testify, probiotics are an effective remedy for their own stomach issues. Why not give Man’s Best Friend a shot?

Fido-loving Lifeway fans swear by it to keep their pets feeling good. Robin says, “My dog insists that he have some kefir every time I do. He LOVES it and it helps whenever his tummy is upset.”

Tracy says, “My dog has had an upset tummy but he will eat plain kefir in a heartbeat and is now doing better.”

And Janet agrees, “Yep! I let my pooches lick my bowl when I’m done eating my fill of kefir. When the bottle is empty, I let them lick the opening, too. They love kefir.”

Of course, not all dogs ask their owners for kefir because they’re having a Lactobacillus craving. Usually they just want to lick, sip or slurp something tastier than dog food.

Here’s a Pinterest page devoted to images of dogs (and other animals, including a possum named Willie) enjoying kefir.

…and a teeny dog named Lily fiercely guarding her Lifeway kefir bottle.

Boone the dog going boom! for Lifeway blueberry kefir.

…a video of Dalmatians enjoying kefir-powered kibble.

…or this dog that kefir saved.