Find Your Flavor with Our NEW Product Request Form!

It’s now easier than ever to request your favorite Lifeway® products! We’ve designed a brand new Product Request Form that can be downloaded and printed at your convenience.



Simply print out all or part of the form, mark which products you’d like your local grocer to carry, and give it to the dairy/store manager! Most stores are more than happy to comply with customer requests.

We know what a pain it can be to sift through all of our products and we’ve done our best to make it as easy as possible for you to conveniently request them. Inside the form you will find:

Page 1

  • Low Fat Kefir (32oz, 16oz, 8oz)
  • Seasonal Flavors (32oz)

Page 2

  • Perfect12® Kefir (32oz)
  • Protein Kefir (16oz)
  • Kefir with Oats (8oz)
  • Non Fat Kefir (32oz)
  • BioKefir (3.5oz)

Page 3

  • Organic Low Fat Kefir (32oz, 16oz)
  • Organic Green Kefir (32oz)
  • Organic Whole Milk Kefir (32oz)

Page 4

  • Traditional Style Kefir (32oz)
  • Greek Style Kefir (32oz)
  • Helios Greek Kefir (32oz)
  • Frozen Kefir Pints
  • Frozen Kefir Bars
  • Farmers Cheese

Page 5 (ProBugs)

  • ProBugs Pouches
  • ProBugs Frozen Kefir Push Ups
  • ProBugs Bites
  • ProBugs Blast

Feel free to print out the entire form or just the pages with items you want to see near you!

Download the entire form HERE.