Get ready to party with Lifeway at ExpoWest 2018!

Will you be attending ExpoWest this year? If so, you should definitely check out one (or many) of the fun Lifeway activities we have planned this year. We’re so excited to share all of the new products, sample some of our favorite flavors, and even unveil the new #TheKefirCookbook written by our CEO Julie Smolyansky! (Check out below for book signing deets!)

Here’s the important information that you’ll need to know. We know how overwhelming this giant Expo can be, so consider this blog your Lifeway roadmap. Seriously, if you fail to try any of our products this year, you didn’t get the full Expo experience. (Not that we’re biased or anything!)

Expo West Lifeway Kefir

The Booths

We have four – yes, count ’em – four booths/sampling stations this year.

#1305 – The Main Lifeway Booth

This is our “main” booth where you’ll get to sample everything from our new Skyr Cups to our Kefir Cups to our new vegan plant-based beverage, Plantiful.

Help us pick the new flavors of Lifeway Plantiful

This year, we’re asking attendees to help pick the flavors of our NEW dairy-free, vegan beverage Plantiful. It’s a plant-based beverage that will have ten vegan cultures. Stop by to try one or all of these flavors:

Chocolate Reishi
Coconut Maca
Vanilla Chai

#N619 in the Hot New Products section

This year, Lifeway has a completely dedicated Elixir booth, where you can sample our hottest new product. A sparkling probiotic beverage, Elixir is delicious and refreshing on its own, but also works great as a mixer in your favorite cocktail. You definitely won’t want to miss checking this booth out.


This booth is dedicated to all things supplements and BioKEFIR. Try our high-potency BioKEFIR shots and learn about our one-a-day adult supplements and probiotic chewables for kids.

Outside Sampling Station and Pedicabs

As we do every year, we will have an outside sampling station. This year, we’ll be featuring our Skyr in the morning, unveiling our new ProBugs pouches (new design and new size that are easier for smaller hands to grip), BioKEFIR, and more.

For all you dairy-free and vegans out there, we’ll also be having a Dairy Free Happy Hour on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 2pm to 3pm where you can try Lifeway Elixir and Plantiful!

Outside of the convention center, you’re likely to run into one of the many Pedicabs that will be handing out our Skyr and BioKEFIR.

#F73 – Organic Market Place

If you find yourself at the Organic Market Place, be sure to track down Lifeway to try one of our many delicious organic products.

The Events

In chronological order – not in order of importance 😉

Early Morning Yoga with Caley Joyner

Thursday March 8th
7:30am to 9:00am at the Grand Plaza Stage

Kick off the first day of Expo right and join Lifeway and Yogi Caley Joyner for an early morning yoga sesh and a chance to win a copy of The Kefir Cookbook. Afterwards, attendees will get to fuel up for the day ahead with protein packed Kefir Cups, Farmer Cheese Cups, Plantiful, and Elixir. Learn more here.

Evenings on the Plaza

Thursday March 8th
6pm to 8pm at the Grand Plaza Stage

On Thursday, come party with some Elixir cocktails and the band Pimps of Joytime. Join us at the Grand Plaza Stage and sip on a Moscow Magick or Sorcerer’s Smash cocktail while enjoying some Bacon Farmer Cheese Bites. There will even be a photobooth, so you’ll always remember this moment! Learn more here.

The Kefir Cookbook book signing with CEO Julie Smolyansky

Friday March 9th
2pm to 4pm at Booth #1305

Join us at the main booth on Friday at 9th for an exclusive #TheKefirCookbook signing with Julie!

In The Kefir Cookbook, Julie unites tales of passion and inspiration, wanderlust, and food. Featuring over 100 sweet and savory kefir-based recipes and stories, she proves that kefir is more than just a probiotic, protein-packed superfood. Through storytelling and food, Julie finds nourishment and discovers the roots to her past.

Lifeway Happy Hour

Friday March 9th
4pm to 6pm at Booth #1305

Stick around after the book signing for an exclusive Lifeway Happy Hour with Moscow Magick and Sorcerer’s Smash Elixir cocktails!