Julie Smolyansky – YWCA Outstanding Leader in Global Citizenship

On October 31, Lifeway CEO Julie Smolyansky was recognized by the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago as an Outstanding Leader at their 42nd annual Leader Luncheon titled, “Local Women. Global Impact.” Specifically, Julie was named the Outstanding Leader in Global Citizenship, thanks to her philanthropic work and dedication to advancing the cause of girls and women around the world.



According to Karen Tulloch (YWCA Board President) and Dorri McWhorter (YWCA Chief Executive Officer), the mission of the YWCA is to eliminate racism and empower women in the Chicago area and throughout the world. The honorees of the event, including Julie, are concrete examples of how passion and career can be used to transform the lives of women everywhere.

Christy Turlington Burns, founder of the women’s health advocacy non-profit Every Mother Counts, introduced Julie with the following video:

“The fight for women’s rights is everywhere. It is global, and we must scale it,” Julie said during her acceptance speech. We couldn’t agree more, or be more proud to call her our leader.



On a lighter note, no luncheon would be complete without an appearance by Lifeway kefir, and the culinary team for the event certainly didn’t disappoint. They served an incredible dessert – milk chocolate tart with Italian meringue, roasted peaches, pistachio anglaise and candied pistachios – that was made with our scrumptious Lifeway Peach Kefir. Hello, yum!