Lifeway Flavor Lab: Chicago Ideas Week

Chicago Ideas Week, Lifeway Flavor Lab


The Lifeway Flavor Lab will be up and running again next week for Chicago Ideas Week, the city-wide series of events, seminars, and labs that “brings together hundreds of the world’s brightest thought leaders to inspire, connect, and activate the city of Chicago and beyond.” As with years past, we’re super excited to see what innovative, obscure and unique kefir flavor combinations attendees will put together with the help of the Lifeway team.

For the lab, attendees will be equipped with Lifeway Low fat Plain Kefir and a recipe, where they will use any of the dozens of fun and wacky flavor essences, sugar and food coloring to create their very own custom kefir flavor. Lifeway CEO Julie Smolyansky will be attending the event, participating and helping out with the lab, sampling the flavor concoctions that intrigue her most, and discussing the foundation and growth of Lifeway Foods.

If that wasn’t enough incentive to get you registering, attendees at this year’s event will also be treated to delicious brunch treats, including our new oat kefir, pumpkin spice kefir parfaits, scones and more! Mmm, our stomachs are already rumbling, how about you?

What do you think; will this year’s lab introduce the world to the newest Lifeway kefir flavor? Who knows? You’ll have to attend, or check back here next week, to find out!