#LifewayLeftovers: Thanksgiving Leftover Hacks

Leftovers don’t have to be boring! Take a fresh look at leftovers with these hacks from @JoeyThurmanfit, @WhatRobinEats, and @DashaFitness. What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy leftovers? Let us know by tagging #LifewayLeftovers.

#LifewayLeftovers: Thanksgiving Leftover Hacks


Toast Toppers

@WhatRobinEats: Bored with leftovers by day two? Have a little fun with your leftovers with these Thanksgiving toasts ideas. Leftovers turned in bestovers!

Thanksgiving Toast:
* Canyon Gluten-free ancient grain bread, toasted, and topped four ways-
* Lifeway Kefir’s natural cup, cranberry sauce, and turkey breast.
* NuttZo paleo power fuel chocolate, cinnamon sautéed green apples, ginger snap cookie crumbles, and Nature Nate’s honey.
* Mashed potatoes, fried egg, and gravy
* Chive cream cheese and stuffing.

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Turkey Omelet

Joey Thurman: So, you have lots of turkey leftover? Why not make a turkey omelet? Turkey is a great protein and can be used in so many ways! Try adding turkey to your omelet instead of sodium-filled bacon or traditional breakfast meat.

Also try taking the leftover salad, fruit, and greens (hopefully there were greens!) and add them to a smoothie instead of going to waste. Try freezing your greens from the salad and use them the next day with some protein powder. No need for ice because the greens are already frozen! Yum!

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Leftover Basics

@DashaFitness: It’s funny to think we spend all this time cooking and preparing for Thanksgiving, and then have to prepare for the aftermath. What are we to do with all the food?

I’m here to ease your worries. Whether you have no leftovers, enough for a few days, or enough to feed your son’s entire hockey team, I have you covered with the basics.

First and foremost, try to give most of your leftovers away to your guests. Share the love with a goodie bag of meats and pies. Second, store your leftovers in the fridge by their expiration date. By that I mean keep the salads up close, and put the potatoes in the back. Along the same lines, prioritize actually eating the salads and vegetables first the next couple days before they go bad. Sorry but Mom’s sweet potato pie can wait a little.

Some of my favorite ways to enjoy leftovers are veggie salads topped with turkey pieces, green beans, and potatoes. If you find yourself left with too much turkey, freeze up some breakfast sandwiches! PS. They sell cranberry English muffins now so grab one of those, add turkey, an egg, and freeze some breakfast sandwiches for the family. After warming them up you can add cranberry sauce or a plum farmer cheese cup!

In the end, if you don’t think you’ll make it through the leftovers, donate to your local food pantry, someone who may not have been able to celebrate the holiday, or bring them into the office. Spread the thanksgiving feast and love. Remember to be thankful for everything and everyone we have…like mom’s sweet potato pie still waiting for us in the very back of the fridge.

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