Skip the Bacon, Grab Some Kefir

Did you hear? Red meat is out. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer recently announced that, after a long and thorough review of the scientific literature, they have concluded that red meat consumption…should be kept to a minimum.

Ok, so their exact words are, “Probably carcinogenic to humans.” It’s now in the same category as glyphosate (a weed killer) and DDT (an insecticide).

This link was mainly seen with colorectal cancer, although other cancers are a concern, too. Even guiltier than red meat is processed meat (like deli meat), which was classified as “carcinogenic to humans.” The experts revealed that for every 50 gram portion of processed meat you eat on a daily basis, your risk of colorectal cancer increases by 18 percent.

While this doesn’t mean you can never have a sausage link or turkey sandwich again – there’s room for an occasional dip into the meat pool – it does mean that many people need to rethink their go-to protein sources. While deli meat is a popular option for many weight-conscious individuals who rely on low-fat proteins like turkey, chicken and lean roast beef for a satisfying sandwich filling or salad topper, consider keeping it to a minimum (less is more). For a better grab-and-go option, pick up a bottle of Lifeway Kefir! Check out the graph below and you’ll see why.


That’s right, one serving (eight ounces) of low-fat kefir actually packs more protein than a serving of deli meat, a sausage link, or three slices of bacon! It’s also lower in artery-clogging saturated fat and cholesterol. It’s super easy to pack in your bag (or your kid’s lunchbox), filled with immunosupportive probiotics, and while it doesn’t have that much-loved bacon taste, it still tastes pretty darn good. Even better, it will likely save you money – all good things!

Sipping kefir by the glass (or from the bottle, if you’re in a hurry) isn’t the only way to enjoy it! Try it blended in one of our favorite smoothies (no need for added protein powder here) or as the dressing of your favorite salad – the options are endless! For more on what the WHO considers processed meat, click here.