Grab Your Mats and Hit the Beach for YogaFest

Last fall we rose with the sun to sip Bellinis and kefir smoothies after an invigorating rooftop Sun Salutation yoga party in Austin, Texas. Now we’re bringing our yoga show on the road to New York’s Gurney’s Montauk Resort and Seawater Spa in the Hamptons for YogaFest on Saturday, July 11!

Wellness for the Greater Good

YogaFest is the second event in our traveling yoga, music and wellness initiative, which brings together local talent to raise funds for worthy organizations and institutions. At Gurney’s, participants will enjoy a morning of fun, fitness and learning that includes beachside yoga, guided meditation and live music. Healthy bites and drinks, including refreshing smoothies made with our kefir, will be served to help yogis and yoginis refuel, before our very own President and CEO Julie Smolyansky will lead a live kefir cooking demonstration. The event will conclude with a wellness panel featuring wellness experts Candice Kumai and Nitika Chopra. All proceeds from YogaFest will will support Test400k, Smolyansky’s non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating the backlog of the estimated 400,000 untested rape kits in the U.S.

“We’re thrilled for our new partnership with Gurney’s Montauk and the opportunity it presents us to spread the word about kefir and the role it can play in healthy and mindful eating,” Smolyansky said. “As a brand, Lifeway strives to prove that we’re good for more than just you. We do that by being intentional with our partnerships and conscious of the impact we can have in communities.”

Secure Your Spot

Space is limited for YogaFest, but if you’re in the Hampton’s area (or can get there!), register by visiting YogaFest is just one of the exciting events we have planned at Gurney’s throughout July, so stay tuned for more! And be sure to check out the hotel’s café Corso Coffee and try one of four custom smoothies, made with Lifeway Kefir!