Introducing Pretty Plain, the Newest ProBug!

You asked for her, and we delivered! It’s with great pleasure and pride that we introduce to you the newest member of the ProBugs family, Pretty Plain Pearl!



Like all of our ProBugs, Pretty Plain contains 10 live and active probiotic cultures and is made with whole milk that is certified USDA Organic. What sets her apart is that she has no added sugar (she was sweet enough to begin with!). Each four-ounce pouch is 80 calories and provides seven grams of protein, four grams of fat and just six grams of sugar, all of which come naturally from milk! Even better, each ProBugs pouch provides your little one with:

  • Vitamin A (10 percent) – for good vision and a strong immune system
  • Calcium (10 percent) – for building and maintaining strong bones
  • Vitamin D (25 percent) – for calcium absorption and supports the immune system

Pretty Plain is also up to 99% lactose-free, naturally gluten-free and (of course) comes in a BPA-free pouch with a no-spill spout!



ProBugs: Passionate for Probiotics

Pearl is the latest addition to our growing line of ProBugs Kefir for Kids. At Lifeway, we believe that a healthy body – a health tummy – leads to and promotes a healthy life. We’re committed to producing the healthiest products possible that fulfill the nutrition needs of parents and children alike. In order for children to develop properly – physically, mentally and emotionally – they need to consume a diet not just rich in vitamins and minerals, but in protein and healthy fats as well. We develop our ProBugs with the needs of children in mind just for that reason. Read more about why our ProBugs are good for children here.

More About Pearl

Pretty Plain Pearl is passionately precise where messes are concerned. She likes her life clean, organized and free from anything untidy. But that doesn’t mean she’s boring! Pear’s special powers make her particularly good at keeping the bad bugs from running amok in your tummy so you don’t have to stop playing. Her passion for all things pure helps keep your immune system strong and a smile on your face.

Pretty Plain Pearl is the perfect addition to the playful ProBugs family. Find her with the rest of our ‘Bugs at grocery stores throughout the US.