Keeping it Green in 2015

Green has always been one of our favorite colors (along with Lifeway blue and white, of course). We’re conscious of the environmental impact our business makes and continually assess our manufacturing practices to make sure we’re as clean and lean as we can be. We firmly believe that Lifeway Kefir is good for more than just you – we’re good for our environment, too.



While we’ve been in the “green living” game for years now as a company, individual members of the Lifeway family have their own tips on they make small changes that will be a big deal in the long run.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

A few years ago we discussed the phrase, “reduce, reuse and recycle” and how to apply the philosophy in your own lives. Reduced your waste buy investing in reusable bags, bottle and utensils. Reuse the boxes, jars or bags you have already – practically and artistically! When you’ve run out of ideas, take your recyclable materials (you’ll be impressed with what can be recycled these days!) to you local recycling center. For more in depth ideas, check out the blog post here.

Going Green with Renewable Choice Energy

In order to offset the carbon dioxide our manufacturing facilities emit, we purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) from Renewable Choice Energy. According to Renewable Choice Energy, RECs are tradable commodities that are “widely accepted as a way to reduce the environmental footprint of electricity consumption and help fund renewable energy development. Purchasing RECs at the same quantity as your electricity consumption guarantees that the energy you use is added to the power grid from a renewable energy facility and supports the further development of these facilities.” At Lifeway, we have a goal of offsetting 100 percent of our CO2 emissions! You can read more about our work with Renewable Choice Energy here.

All Natural Ingredients. No Exceptions

This is more on our end, but we can’t talk enough about ingredients. Environmental consciousness isn’t just about monitoring our waste, it’s also about being aware of what we produce, how we produce it, and how it will affect our community for years to come. All Lifeway Kefir products are made with milk from cows that have not been treated with synthetic hormones or antibiotics. Our products also don’t contain genetically modified ingredients. We’re consistently working with our suppliers and farmers to make sure we’re getting the best of the best. So what does this have to do with you? It’s simple: eating real food produces less waste.

Here’s to many more bright, shining Earth Days!