Lifeway Kefir: Good for the Environment

By now we hope you’ve seen our commercial that shares our new brand message: Lifeway Kefir is good for more than just you. We’re excited for this new chapter of the Lifeway story; you know Lifeway Kefir is good for you, but there are a good deal more things Lifeway Kefir is good for. One that we’re extremely passionate about is the environment.

And Me, Good for you, Lifeway Kefir good for you


At Lifeway, we believe that healthy bodies deserve a healthy planet and are dedicated to leaving as little waste behind as we can – in everything we do. From our packaging, materials, production and shipping – even all the way back to our farming – we’re conscious that what we do today directly affects our tomorrow. Every action adds up – for better and for worse.

Green is a beautiful color. We embrace the many shades of it with products that help protect and improve your health. We use packaging that is the safest available with materials and processes in our facilities that are as eco-friendly as possible. For us, going green is not just an idle mantra.  It is something we back with actions on a daily basis. Below are some of the ways we’re keeping our commitment to a greener, leaner tomorrow:


By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about BPA and why you should stay away from it (there are a lot of good reasons). Our Lifeway Kefir bottles, Helios bottles, and ProBugs pouches are BPA-free, which leaves you with one less thing to worry about giving to your loved ones. So drink up; all is well.


At Lifeway Foods, we’re doing everything we can to help kick plastics to the curb. Our Lifeway Kefir bottles are 100 percent recyclable and we encourage you to dispose of them accordingly.

In an effort to make the most out of the least, we’re especially proud of our energy-conscious ProBugs pouches. We designed them specifically to be re-sealable (which means you waste less) and the flexible packaging takes roughly 75 percent less energy to produce. Furthermore, the special pouches take up to 96 percent less space in landfills. They’re currently recyclable in some curbside markets; contact your local recycling company for more information about what is accepted in your area.

When recycling isn’t an option, we bring special TerraCycle boxes to create zero-waste recycling solutions for our packaging at events and activations. We also use biodegradable plastics whenever possible, from serve-ware such as cups, spoons, and straws, to napkins which are made from 100 percent recycled, unbleached paper.


Renewable Energy

Most of the electricity used in our homes and businesses comes from burning fossil fuels. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency this is the leading cause of industrial air pollution. Since it is physically impossible to deliver electricity straight from a renewable energy source, like a wind farm, to Lifeway, we purchase renewable energy credits to offset our footprint.

Renewable energy credits ensure that the amount of electricity we use to produce our products is replaced onto the grid with a renewable source, like wind power, making it cleaner for everyone. Lifeway now purchases renewable energy credits to offset 100 percent of the electricity used to produce our products. This landmark effort will avoid over 3.7 million pounds of carbon dioxide pollution, which has the same effect as planting 335 acres of trees, or removing 362 cars from the road.


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