Lifeway Kefir is Now Available at Erewhon Stores

Attention all Erewhon shoppers! Lifeway Kefir is now available at all Erewhon locations in our delicious, clean, organic grass-fed line of whole milk kefir and our line of ProBugs products. You can now find our Grassfed Kefir in Plain and Strawberry flavors at your local Erewhon. Kids and parents will love that Lifeway ProBugs for kids are also available at all Erewhon locations. Lifeway ProBugs are sold in our clean, recyclable, handy pouches that kids and parents both love too!

Our Benefits and Standards:

Both Lifeway Kefir and ProBugs are made with Lifeway’s exclusive, high-quality kefir that comes with the benefits of clean protein and live and active probiotic cultures. All Lifeway Kefir and ProBugs products are free of GMOs, added hormones, gums, and artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners. Our packaging is also free of BPA, and made from milk from local farmers we trust and know. All Lifeway Kefir products are low-lactose and up to 99% lactose-free, and offer billions of live and active cultures and complete protein.



Look for us in the dairy section at your local Erewhon, and be sure to pick up Lifeway products during your next trip!

You can find Erewhon stores near you at our easy store locator here as well.