Lifeway Loves National Dairy Month

June is one of our favorite months – beaches and pools are open, school is out for the summer, fresh produce is everywhere and we can (finally) put our winter coats away. There’s also a special reason the Lifeway family appreciates the first month of summer it’s National Dairy Month!


We take dairy seriously at Lifeway and firmly believe that dairy (full fat and low-fat) can be a component of a healthy, balanced diet. Dairy is high in calcium protein and vitamin D, and studies continue to show that:

There are many reasons to consume dairy (especially cultured dairy – see our recipe archive here for some ideas), but it’s also crucial to consider the source of the diary, as well as the process and journey it takes from the farm to your fridge.

One of the themes of National Dairy Month is the connection between farmers and consumers. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget, while chomping down on a piece of cheese or swigging back a glass of kefir, that there is a person behind the diary we eat and drink. Farmers are responsible for the health of the cows that product the milk for our favorite dairy foods, as well as the health of the land where the cows graze – even they way they transport and process milk. While farms vary from region to region and process to process – from large industrial farms to small co-op farms –all farmers take pride in what they do.

For our kefir, we source our milk from smaller co-op and Amish farms throughout the Midwest. Our suppliers are committed to ensuring their cows are not treated with synthetic hormones or antibiotics, are grass fed, and are treated humanely. It also allows us to keep our operations local; with our milk supplies close to home, we cut down on emissions and down time in production. It’s better for the environment, better for our community and better for independent farms! We know we wouldn’t be anywhere without our farmers, which is why we’ll continue to work with our trusted partners to ensure the kefir you drink is the best it can be.

To learn more about National Diary Month, visit the National Dairy Council or the International Dairy Foods Association.