Lifeway Works for Carli Lloyd

We’re not saying that drinking Lifeway Kefir is somehow going to make you score two gold medal winning goals. Or that all the protein, calcium, and probiotics will make you score a hat-trick in the World Cup Finals…

But it worked for Carli Lloyd.

Already a Lifeway Kefir enthusiast, Carli Lloyd became Lifeway’s newest brand ambassador earlier this year. In her commitment to excelling on the soccer field, Carli incorporates a variety of superfoods instead of carbohydrates to keep her energy level up. Because Lifeway Kefir is loaded with probiotics and protein, it’s the perfect recovery from her demanding training regimen.

“Carli is a natural choice to represent Lifeway. She’s a great advocate for making healthy food choices and has shared how switching to a more nutritious diet helped improve her performance and quality of life. She shares our passion in empowering others with information so they too can improve their quality of life, because eating right isn’t reserved just for Olympians. Carli, like us, knows everyone can take steps toward better health by the everyday choices we make in how we treat our bodies. She’s an activist for women’s rights, and as an athlete at the top of her game, she’s a role model for men and women everywhere,” said Lifeway Foods CEO Julie Smolyansky. “She personifies everything this company stands for.”


“One of the fringe benefits of being in the public eye is that it gives me a platform to talk about things I believe in, whether it’s equal pay for equal work or the importance of good nutrition,” Lloyd said. “Working with Lifeway provides an ideal opportunity to share some of what I’ve learned about kefir and probiotics, connect with fans on a personal level, and hopefully inspire some of them to adopt the kind of eating habits that have had such a big impact on my own life.”

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