Revisiting #MotherCulture for Mother’s Day 2015

In May of 2014, we rolled out our #MotherCulture campaign, celebrating the fact that everything, including kefir, starts with a mother. In honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday and moms everywhere, we’re revisiting #MotherCulture and sharing what it means to us today.



So what is #MotherCulture – how did it start? In short, #MotherCulture is about moms. It’s about what they do for community, what they do for their families and what they do for their children. “As a mother of two myself, I’m interested in feeding my children nutritious foods, creating a healthy environment for them to grow up in, and empowering other mothers and fathers to do the same,” said Lifeway President and CEO Julie Smolyansky. “With #MotherCulture, we can share our experiences to collectively build a healthier and more empowered community.”

To us, #MotherCulture means a lot of things, including:

  • Building a better community for families
  • Giving children access to quality education
  • Providing wholesome, nutritious food for children to help them grow
  • Empowering women and children to strive for big things
  • Recognizing that we’re all connected and start at the same place

#MotherCulture doesn’t have to be grand gestures or achievements. In fact, it’s more realistically the small victories and wins mothers share while powerfully living their daily lives. We invite you to share with us your favorite #MotherCulture moments and memories with us again in time for Mother’s Day 2015. Go ahead, let mom know how much she means to you.