United State of Women

Isabel, a sophomore at Tufts University, is a summer intern at Lifeway. This week, we’ll be sending Isabel and two other young women to attend The White House’s United State of Women conference. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for periodic updates. Here’s Isabel’s blog to kick off the event.


Women’s rights and responsibilities are ever-present in modern dialogue – from the kitchen table to the board room and everywhere in between. As a female college student, I feel that it is my duty to take a stand to promote women’s rights as I enter the professional world.

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Working Today for a Better Tomorrow

Part of the Lifeway Mission includes leaving the world a better place than they found it. This doesn’t just refer to environmental sustainability, but to supporting employees and their peers as they work to improve the lives of members of their communities as well. As such, Lifeway will be sending students Stephanie, Zoe, and me to the United State of Women Summit in Washington, DC on June 14th. The summit is an all-encompassing conference that focuses on six pillars of gender equality:

  • Economic empowerment
  • Health and wellness
  • Educational opportunity
  • Violence against women
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Leadership and civic engagement

In addition to general information sessions on the six pillars, I will be attending two break-out sessions on women empowerment and equal pay. I am incredibly excited to hear from the nation’s leading women on how to continue to progress the rights of women in the United States.

Stephanie and I will be covering the event for Lifeway via their Twitter and Facebook pages. We hope to do interviews and speak with other attendees of the summit to hear about their interests in gender equality. We will also be hosting a photo campaign that showcases individual pledges to women – stay tuned for more details about that!

As for me, I pledge to stand up for women’s rights on college campuses and in my community. As a united force of women behind a shared goal of equality, there is no limit to what can be accomplished.