We Can’t Stop Talking About Frozen Kefir

National Ice Cream Month is quickly (and unfortunately) coming to an end, and while we’ve enjoyed working with our favorite frozen delights, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to share with you why our frozen kefir is a treat we can’t stop talking about. Tart, tangy, creamy and refreshing, it’s a deliciously healthy dessert that not only makes you feel good, but you can feel good about eating.



It’s All In the Mix

Lifeway Frozen Kefir pints and bars are made with the same Lifeway Kefir you know and love. Compared to conventional ice cream and frozen yogurt options, our kefir is superior, plain and simple. Here’s why – it’s:

  • Made hormone-free milk
  • Naturally gluten-free
  • Is up to 99% lactose-free
  • Contains 10 strains of live and active probiotics
  • Is free of artificial ingredients
  • Has little added sugar

Impressive, right? Whereas the other guys are typically loaded with chemical preservatives, modified food starches, artificial colors, flavorings and extracts and enough sugar to make your head spin – literally! The punch comes in the probiotics, though

Top it Like You Mean It

The health benefits of frozen kefir far outweigh those of traditional ice cream and frozen yogurt, but they don’t make up for a double pump of hot fudge and a case of crushed thin mints on top. No, while we enjoy our kefir with the occasional chocolate dip or caramel drizzle, we highly recommend serving it up with fresh berries, seeds, nuts or granola. Shredded coconut, honey and fresh mint are also great (trust us).

Our Berry Kefir Breakfast Porridge has a recipe for a quick and easy fruit reduction that will provide added nutrition when cooled and served with any of our five flavors of frozen kefir. Or you could try a spoonful of our Peanut Butter Kefir Dip. There are countless ways to enjoy fabulously frozen Lifeway Kefir. Head over to our Facebook or Twitter and let us know how you indulge without the bulge, using the #MadewithLifeway hashtag!