Finding Our True North with Wanderlust

When it comes to being healthy, what you put in your body is just one piece of the puzzle, albeit a very important one. At Lifeway, we’re dedicated to producing the absolute best kefir, made from the highest quality ingredients, to fuel our bodies. We’re a health food company – the food we make should support good health.

While we’re focused on food as a component for health, we know that eating healthy isn’t always enough – that moving our bodies and thinking about our bodies in positive ways is crucial to complete health and happiness. That’s why on any given weekend you can find our events team on site at a variety of health events and expos, cheering on athletes of all ages and skill levels. Of these events, we have a special place in our heart for yoga. That’s why we’re proud to support the Wanderlust community by sponsoring their festivals and being present at many of their events nationwide!

Why Yoga? Why Wanderlust?



There are countless ways to get in your daily dose of physical activity, and we love quite a few of them. We find that while not everyone is able to train and commit to running a marathon or completing a triathlon, there is likely a component of yoga that everyone can participate in. Even more, there are quite a few connections to better health that both kefir and yoga share, so it’s a natural relationship! Regular consumption of kefir and regular practice of yoga are shown to help:

In other words, yoga and kefir go together like peas and carrots – they complement each other!

Wanderlust festivals aren’t the only yoga events we support, but they sure are some of our favorites. We appreciate that the festivals cater to many aspects of health and follow the philosophy of encouraging attendees to find their true north – their personal ability to make their own way and live a life of purpose and passion.  At an event, you can healthy foods from a variety of environmentally conscious companies (including kefir from yours truly), participate in guided meditation (for mental health), dance to live, uplifting music, explore the natural surroundings, or listen in on lectures about mindful living from some of the leading voices in the movement.

Convinced to come see us at the Wanderlust near you yet? Great! Just last weekend we were in Bondville, Vermont for the Wanderlust Stratton Festival, but we’ll be around all summer. Look for us in Aspen-Snowmass in early July, Squaw Valley July 16-19 and in Whistler, BC in early August.