Introducing NEW Lifeway Live & Active Wear!

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on some seriously cool projects, many of which we revealed at Expo West. From probiotic pills to kefir starter kits, our new products aim to provide the probiotic support your digestive and immune systems crave.

But what about the rest of your body? What about what goes on your body?

From the Shamrock Shuffle and the Chicago Marathon to the Hustle Up the Hancock and various Wanderlust events, the Lifeway team is around some pretty active people every weekend. Active, sweaty and smelly people, that is. This company, along with our entrepreneurial spirit (and the unfortunate fumbles of a very famous yoga pants company) led us to develop our latest and absolutely greatest product ever: Lifeway Live and Active Wear!

Introducing Lifeway Live and Active Wear

Lifeway Kefir, Live and Active Wear


Lifeway’s Live and Active Wear is a revolutionary line of probiotic-enhanced active wear specifically designed NOT TO BE WASHED!

You read that right, no more suffering from stinky gym clothes or ruining your $150 pants in the dryer. Heck, no more wasted laundry detergent or expensive sports wash! Our new line of athletic wear uses the probiotic cultures of our kefir to destroy the odor-causing bacteria that leaves your sneakers and shorts smelling like a locker room, all without a washer and dryer.

Fabulous Fibers

The secret to our live and active wear is in the fibers. First, we start with the best moisture- and sweat-wicking materials. Next, after each article of clothing is complete, it is dipped in a proprietary wash of shelf-stable probiotic cultures and dyes that adhere to the fabric fibers. These probiotic cultures remain dormant until your body temperature builds and you start to sweat, which is where the magic happens. The probiotics in the fiber work while you’re working out to prevent bacteria from collecting and causing you to stink.

After you finish your workout, simply hang your live and active wear in a closet. The ambient temperature allows the clothes to dry and the cultures to return to their inactive state until the next use. Best of all – the probiotics multiply with each use, making the fibers stronger and enhancing the life of your clothes.

Our Live and Active Wear products are in the final stages of development, but look for them (for both men and women) later this summer.