Kefir in the Arts

We’ve found that artists and creative personalities seem to love kefir — and we love them back! After all, kefir is a cultured dairy product. Lifeway has a history of lending enthusiastic support to a wide variety of creative endeavors, from music festivals to fashion shows, so it’s exciting when artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Vampire Weekend name-drop kefir.

Red Hot Chili Peppers & Jazz Fest

At the 2016 Jazz Fest, the Red Hot Chili Peppers mentioned smoking reefer and drinking kefir in between songs.

Vampire Weekend — Campus

In Vampire Weekend’s song, Campus, they reference kefir. (Sadly it spilled.)

Walk to class
In front of ya
Spilled kefir
On your keffiyah
You look inside
And turn to the door
Drag your feet along the floor


Hip Hop artist, Antwon, claims all of his music was created under the influence of kefir.

Misha Collins

That time Misha Collins poured Lifeway Kefir on his face:



Unfortunately he called it yogurt. Just as a reminder, kefir, like yogurt, is a cultured dairy product. However kefir is drinkable and contains far more probiotics per serving than yogurt.

To take it further, artist Elana M (classymetal on DeviantArt) created this gem:


Lifeway + The Arts

As a company, Lifeway participates and sponsors many arts-focused events.

Lollapalooza + Kidzapalooza



Kidzapalooza, presented by Lifeway Kefir, is a festival within a festival for parents who want to teach their kids what it’s like to experience one of the most special events in the world.

Located in its own enclosed area of Grant Park, Kidzapalooza offers parents and kids the opportunity to catch family-friendly music on its own stage plus various activities including creating their own music, arts & crafts and much more. All while they enjoy ProBugs, of course!

Sign up here to stay in the loop for 2016 activities and events.

Pitchfork Music Festival



In addition to Lollapalooza/Kidzapalooza, we also sponsor Pitchfork’s Music Festival. We hand out frozen kefir bars. So be on the lookout this year for the Lifeway booth to get a cool, refreshing, and healthy treat.

Austin City Limits



We also make it down to Austin every year for Austin City Limits. Similar to Lolla, we’re the main sponsor of the Austin Kiddie Limits!

Tickets officially went on sale yesterday!

Cynthia Rowley Hibiscus Rhubarb Pie Bottle Design



For our limited edition spring kefir flavor, Hibiscus Rhubarb Pie, we collaborated with fashion designer Cynthia Rowley. The stunning bottle design was inspired by Rowley’s fitness line, ROWLEY.

You can read more about this collaboration here.