Lifeway Kefir: Good for Childhood Nutrition

At Lifeway, we know that one of the greatest impacts an organization can make on the world is to do work that is good for the present and will positively affect the future. When we talk about the future, we specifically mean our environment and those who will inhabit the planet. We’ve discussed our commitment to global sustainability and renewable energy in the past, but what’s a world without people?


Lifeway Kefir:
Good for Childhood Nutrition

Our children are the benefactors of the efforts we’re making today; they’re our future. They’re the ones who will be taking care of the world – and us – one day. We’re committed providing them with the tools they’ll need to be successful. That begins with proper, complete nutrition. We developed ProBugs, our exclusive line of organic, whole milk kefir products for kids, to fill a nutrition void many parents and consumers encounter when feeding a family: a lack of healthy options that children will actually eat.

Lifeway ProBugs are wholesome, nutritious snacks that are full of digestive and immune system-supporting probiotics. They’re also high in calcium, vitamin D, and protein – essential nutrients for developing strong bodies and minds. They’re also delicious, so kids eat them right up.

Lifeway ProBugs, ProBugs Blast and Frozen ProBugs are Lifeway’s up to 99% lactose-free, gluten-free and hormone-free kefir treats made especially for finicky taste buds and small tummies. We use only the best, locally-sourced organic whole milk to make the kefir, which means they’re high in healthy fat, protein, calcium and vitamin D. Even more, each ProBug contains seven to 10 billion CFU’s and 10 live and active bacteria cultures per serving.

Lifeway kefir, Lifeway ProBugs, Frozen ProBug, childhood nutrition
Frozen ProBugs are the perfect, nutritious after school treat.


Lifeway ProBugs and Frozen ProBugs support a healthy digestive system in children and adults alike. Digestion is linked to immunity, mood and overall physical and emotional development.. At Lifeway, we say skip the fake foods and eat what feels good, especially if it’s good for you!

Creating healthy products for children is just one piece of the equation; nutritional education is just as important. The food landscape in the United States can be unforgiving and hard to navigate at times, especially for residents of urban environments who live in food deserts. To help close the gap and empower children and their parents to make healthy meal decisions in for life, we partner with nonprofit agencies, like Common Threads and Pilot Light, who develop programs for nutritional education for children and families within our community. In just a few short years, these groups have done incredible things in the lives of countless children and families. Be sure to check them out.

We’re excited to continue working with organizations at home and afar that ensure that the future for everyone we can impact is bright and full of opportunity. You can read more about the Lifeway Mission and keep up-to-date about who we’re working with at