Lifeway T-shirt Giveaway

You’ve asked, and now you shall receive! As a thank you to our wonderful and supportive customers, we’ll be giving away 5 of our Lifeway Kefir shirts! (Available for Men and Women in sizes Small, Medium, and Large. Men’s shirts are not V-Neck.)

To enter, just answer 1 of the 4 summer themed questions below in the comments for a chance to represent Lifeway outside of the grocery store.

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  1. What is your favorite kefir flavor?
  2. Where are you most likely to wear your new Lifeway t-shirt?
  3. What is your favorite kefir summer recipe?
  4. Are you more likely to munch on our frozen kefir on the beach or enjoy our protein kefir after a workout?

Please note: this giveaway is only open to residents in the Continental United States. The T-Shirts have no cash value and are non-refundable. Winners will be chosen on June 13, 2016. For complete terms and conditions, click here.

20 Responses to “Lifeway T-shirt Giveaway”

  1. Britt Ashley Tucker

    Favorite kefir recipe for the summer: Mix plain kefir with sliced pineapple, banana, orange and coconut juice in blender with a small amount of ice. Sort of like a pina coloda, but without the alcohol and refined sugar!

  2. Shannon

    Blueberry will always be my favorite! I will wear my lifeway shirt to school. I’m a PE teacher. I love promoting healthy eating and fitness!

  3. Karla Franklin

    1. Banana
    2. While out shopping.
    3. Banana flavored protein smoothie with spinach.
    4. Protein kefir after a workout.

  4. Amanda Cardenas

    I would wear my T-shirt everywhere! I have suffered terrible digestive issues for many years. The pain and discomfort became so bad that it sent me deep into depression. Then I tried Kefir. It tastes so good! I began to drink it regularly and slowly but surely I noticed there was less pain and nausea! At one point I ran out of Kefir and was unable to afford more as we were hit with an emergency vet bill (she’s okay!). The problems returned full force. I’ve been drinking Kefir regularly again and am back to being relieved. It isn’t a cure but it has saved me. I want to wear the T-shirt everywhere so that people will ask me about it and I can share my story with them. Maybe it will help someone else like me!

  5. Michelle L

    Favorite flavor: Blueberry Organic Lowfat Kefir and, I would wear the t-shirt on my daily walks.

  6. Tiffiny Duke

    I LOVE Vanilla. I have not tried them all yet but sure can not wait too!!

  7. Alan Everton

    Strawberry is by far my favorite flavor, especially in the convienent 8 oz bottles.

  8. Kristina Mc

    Coconut and Cream Whole Milk Kefir is my favorite product/flavor from Lifeway. So good!

  9. Dr Chris Gullen

    2. All around New England this summer as I have adventures with my young son who also loves Lifeway Kefir.

  10. Neil Christiansen

    1) Mango!
    2) while running with my Vizsla
    4) frozen kefir?! Sign me up!

  11. Melissa Bradley

    Blueberry is my fave Kefir flavor. I mix it with coconut yogurt, blueberries and ice. Best smoothie EveR

  12. Paula Galvan

    I’ve been drinking raspberry since i discovered it at a whole foods. It’s my favorite!


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