Wonderful Watermelon Day

No summer is complete without indulging in a slice or six of succulent, juicy watermelon. Sweet, crisp and refreshing, ripe watermelon is a staple fruit of summer and worthy of a day dedicated to celebrating it’s existence, which happens to be today.

National Watermelon Day

That’s right, watermelon (like so many other foods) has a dedicated to it, and because we’re particularly fond of the magnificent melon, we’re taking some time today to share with you our favorite watermelon facts. Whether served in a lunch box, on a picnic blanket, beach-side or porch-side, watermelon works all summer long – in any situation – and deserves recognition.


Fun Facts About Watermelon

We shared some of our favorite interesting facts about Watermelon in our Healthy Ingredient Spotlight post about watermelon; here are some highlights:

  • The first documented watermelon harvest occurred in Egypt nearly 5,000 years ago
  • They’re roughly 92 percent water (hello, hydration!)
  • They’re high in vitamin B6, A and potassium. At roughly 40 calories per cup, feel free to munch away!
  • They’re considered both a fruit and a vegetable (we’re confused, too), so use it as both
  • You can in fact use the whole fruit – rind included! Find out how here

Ways We’re Melon Maniacs

We love watermelon in pretty much any form, but our favorite (and the one that requires the least clean up) is our limited edition Watermelon Lowfat Kefir. It’s available now for a limited time, so be sure to grab a bottle while you can! We’re also crazy for it in smoothies and smoothie bowls, including our Coconut Watermelon Kefir Smoothie and subbed for the strawberries in this Basil Kefir Smoothie. And because sometimes simplicity is best, we have a great collection for family-friendly, summer inspired recipes in our Summer Recipe eBook (the exclusive location for our Watermelon Basil Granita!) that compliment sweet slices for fresh watermelon well.

There’s no wrong way to chow down on watermelon this summer, but like all good things, they’ll only be around for a short time. So grab that second slice and have that second glass – it’s good for your body and your soul!