5 Back-to-School Snack Hacks for Probiotic Health

Whether you’re heading back to college or have kids of your own, prepping snacks and lunches in advance can save a lot of time. We have some snack ideas that will help you tackle the busy fall schedules ahead.



1. The To-Go Snack

Being hangry is the last thing you want when trying to shuttle your kids from one after school activity to the next. And rushing from class to work to class leaves little time for healthy eating. Swap out the bag of pretzels or chips (which are just empty carbs) for Lifeway’s ProBugs or one of our 8oz options. These probiotic snacks have both protein and carbs to keep hunger pains away. If you need a treat, try our Frozen ProBugs or Frozen Kefir Bars!

2. The Fancy Snack

This kefir parfait couldn’t be easier to prepare for busy mornings, and your kids will think it’s a fancy treat! Just lay out some fresh berries, granola, and your favorite kefir, and have your child do the layering. Use a small mason jar or cup to keep the serving size small.

3. The Nut Lover Snack

Nut butters are the perfect way to add some protein to yours or your kid’s diet. Simply microwave 3 tablespoons of natural peanut butter (with no added sugar) for 20 seconds. Add ¾ cup of Plain Kefir and a dash of cinnamon, stir until creamy. Dip in apples or celery for some crunch. You can also sub almond butter for peanut butter!

4. The Sweet Tooth Snack

Need to indulge with something chocolaty and sweet? Satisfy your cravings without sacrificing your health with this chocolate smoothie. (Kids love it, too!)

In a blender, combine:
• One frozen banana
• 1 cup of spinach
• 1 cup of kefir
• 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
• Choice of natural sweetener to taste (honey, maple syrup, date syrup, etc.)

This smoothie is so tasty and only you will know that it is packed with fiber, protein, and vitamins.

5. The Hearty Snack

Now that fall is just around the corner, you can transition your snacks to embrace all the wonderful flavors of fall. Our Probiotic Pumpkin Hummus can be paired with pita chips or vegetables and is both filling and flavorful.

Kefir can make a great after school snack on its own as it’s high in protein, calcium, and Vitamin D. Simply pair kefir with a fruit or veggie source for a nutritious snack time. Check out our recipes for even more satisfying snacks.