Love Your Guts with New Probiotic Products!

We’ve been very hard at work for the past year, developing some amazing new non-GMO probiotic products we know you’re going to love! We’ve teased them a few times and are now ready for the big reveal!

It’s the perfect time, too: the global probiotics market is expected to reach $57.4 billion by 2022! We’re excited to be at the forefront with our new lines of tasty, accessible, and nutritious products for the whole family.

New products


Introducing Lifeway Probiotics

First up we have Lifeway Probiotic Supplements for older children and adults. This new line of shelf-stable supplements is available in three powerful blends: Women’s Radiant Health, Traveler’s Defense + Immunity, and Balance Gut Health. These one-a-day formulas contain potent blends of probiotics and antioxidants designed to help you feel your best, wherever you are. Even better, they’re vegan/allergen-free! No nuts, no soy, no dairy – just pure probiotic goodness.

Continuing our work in providing nutritious, effective offerings for children, next we have Lifeway ProBugs Chewables for children. Available in two tasty, kid-friendly flavors – Grape and Strawberry – these chewable supplements deliver 5 billion CFU (at the time of production) and 10 of the best child-specific cultures that may help support digestion and immunity. Plus, they’re fortified with fiber and vitamins C and D for added nutritional power!

“Our adult probiotic supplements and children’s chewables offer convenient options for anyone, even those on strict diets, to enjoy the benefits Lifeway has to offer,” said Lifeway Foods CEO Julie Smolyansky.

Kefir You Eat with a Spoon

Next up are two product lines we’re almost too excited to launch – Lifeway Kefir Cups and Lifeway Farmer Cheese Cups! Available in both organic and conventional blends.

Farmer Cheese and Strained Kefir Image - strawberry

“Our new products were developed with on-the-go customers in mind, especially busy millennials who are looking for healthy, portable snack options. Our cupped kefir and farmer cheese come in a range of flavors that can be enjoyed at home, on the road, at work or wherever the day takes them,” said Smolyansky.

Our Kefir Cups are made with strained, low-fat kefir. They’re up to 99% lactose-free, high in protein and are naturally gluten-free – just like our drinkable kefir that you know and love. They’ll be available as a dual cup so you can easily add some delicious toppings before enjoying.

If you’ve yet to enjoy our Farmer Cheese, now’s the perfect time! Our new Farmer Cheese Cups will come plain or blended with fruit for a convenient snack you can enjoy with your favorite fruit, vegetables, or crackers.

Best of all, both our Kefir Cups and Farmer Cheese Cups contain our 12 signature probiotic cultures, and have clean labels. They’re free from carrageenan, guar gum and soy lecithin, and are made with milk from grass-fed cows that are not treated with antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones.

Kefir On Your Terms

Over the years, our two biggest requests (other than packaging our kefir in gallon jugs!) is for a non-dairy option and for a kefir starter/kefir grains. Well, your wish is granted with our new DIY Kefir Starter Kit!

Each kit contains three packets of dried kefir starter cultures for you to add to your favorite liquid – juice, milk, or non-dairy beverage. Better yet, it comes together in three simple steps!

The starter is GMO-free, gluten-free and contains six authentic probiotic cultures, including L. Lactis, L. cremoris, L. diacetylactis, L. rhamnosus, K. maxianus, and B. lactis.

Sneak Peek at Our Newest Kefir Flavor

Be on the lookout for our newest flavor of conventional low-fat kefir, Ceremonial Matcha! We’ve had great success blending the finest matcha green tea powder into some of our favorite smoothies, so it’s only natural that a pre-blended flavor joins the Lifeway family in the coming months! Stay tuned for more details.

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