Strawberry Milkshake Chia Pudding

Shake up your snack game with our Strawberry Banana Chia Pudding Milkshake. Using our rich and creamy Strawberry Banana Lifeway Kefir as the base, this simple yet sumptuous creation reinvents the beloved blend with a dose of Lifeway’s probiotic magic. By blending our protein-packed Lifeway Kefir with fresh bananas and strawberries, then folding in chia […]

High Protein Farmer Cheese Pancakes

Start your morning with a smile and a plate of High-Protein Farmer Cheese Pancakes. Made with Lifeway Farmer Cheese in the batter, these pancakes are the ultimate balance of fluffy texture and scrumptious flavor. Whether you’re fueling up for a busy morning, treating yourself to a weekend brunch, or want to mix up your post-workout […]

Farmer Cheese Breakfast Flatbread

We’ve got breakfast down flat! Our Breakfast Flatbread is an easy and cheesy way to start your morning. First, we transform our versatile Lifeway Farmer Cheese into a delectable flatbread base, setting the stage for a harmonious blend of flavors. Then we top it with savory eggs, crispy pancetta, fresh arugula, and a warm blend […]

Chopped Salmon and Farmer Cheese Bagel

Our Chopped Salmon and Farmer Cheese Bagel recipe saves the day (and your gut) by pairing the dynamic duo of probiotics and prebiotics with a blend of Lifeway Farmer Cheese, a handful of savory capers, plus salmon’s robust, smoky essence enhances the soft cheese’s gentle, creamy notes, all while infusing the dish with beneficial omega-3 […]

Cherry Cheesecake French Toast

Dessert for breakfast? Oui s’il vous plait! Spoil yourself with this luxurious stack of Cherry Cheesecake French Toast. We start by using Lifeway Kefir in the batter to give the French Toast a fluffy, buttery center. This is already amazing, but then we go ahead and take it a step further. With Lifeway Farmer Cheese, […]

Farmer Cheese Avocado English Muffin

When the recipe calls for cottage cheese, try swapping it out for Lifeway Farmer Cheese instead. Our handcrafted cheese is superior to #cottagecheese because it’s loaded with good bacteria to support a healthy gut. Besides that, cottage cheese often needs to be whipped into a creamy consistency, but Lifeway Farmer Cheese has that smooth texture […]

Orange and Banana Cream Smoothie

Our Orange and Banana Cream Smoothie combines the goodness of Lifeway Kefir and Lifeway Farmer Cheese with the vibrant flavors of oranges and bananas, creating a lusciously smooth citrus delight to kickstart your day with a burst of bright flavor and a sunny disposition. Cultured Dairy: The Nutrition Benefits You Need to Know With increasing […]

High Protein Breakfast Parfait

You’re going to love every layer of our High Protein Berry Parfait. From the raspberry and Lifeway Kefir base, to the Lifeway Farmer Cheese and granola center, and the blueberry topping, this recipe is loaded with flavor and nutrients. The pop of protein from the Lifeway Kefir, Lifeway Farmer Cheese, and granola is a perfect […]

Peach Farmer Cheese Toast

You have to try our new Peach Farmer Cheese Toast! We’ve put together this fresh and easy recipe to give you that summer feeling. First, we layered Lifeway Farmer Cheese and fresh arugula on toasted Ciabatta bread. The probiotics in the cheese and the prebiotic fiber in the greens work in tandem to support your […]

Chocolate Chip Kefir Pancakes

Nothing stacks up to a good plate of pancakes, especially when they’re made with Lifeway Kefir. Get ready for a blissful breakfast because our Chocolate Chip Pancakes are beyond compare. Using Lifeway Kefir in the batter lends these pancakes a flawlessly light and fluffy texture. And with a touch of vanilla and a handful of […]