Macadamia Nut Cold Brew Smoothie

We are sharing an energizing, brew-tiful drink! Our Macadamia Nut Cold Brew Smoothie combines the protein-packed goodness of Lifeway Kefir with the nutty essence of macadamia and the bold flavor of cold brew coffee. This refreshing wake-me-up is better than the drinks you’ll find at your local coffee chain because our lactose-intolerance-friendly Lifeway Kefir infuses […]

Strawberry Mango Popsicles

Get it poppin’ this summer with our Strawberry Mango Popsicles. Made with Strawberry and Mango Lifeway Kefir, these frozen pops combine the sweetness of strawberries with the tropical twist of mango for a refreshing treat that’ll keep you cool and smiling all season long. The icy cold temperatures are perfect for the probiotics in our […]

Frozen Farmer Cheese Mangonada

Nothing beats the cool refreshment of an icy mangonada on a scorching summer day. We’ve created our favorite version of this frozen dessert with Lifeway Farmer Cheese, mangoes, hot honey, and Tajín seasoning. Our Frozen Farmer Cheese Mangonada harmonizes sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors in a cool revitalizing treat. Our Farmer Cheese is perfect for […]

Guava Smoothie

If you love tropical flavors, you guava try this! Our bright and sunny Guava Smoothie combines our Guava Lifeway Kefir with mango, pineapple, and fresh, chopped guava. Each sip sends your taste buds on an island getaway while supporting your gut with 12 signature probiotic strains from Lifeway Kefir and a blend of vitamins and […]

Cherry Dream Smoothie

We’re loving every sip of our Cherry Dream Smoothie! This vibrant, refreshing drink is packed with flavor and brimming with nutrients thanks to a combination of Black Cherry Lifeway Kefir and a bundle of bright, sweet cherries. Our kefir infuses this smoothie favorite with protein, probiotics, and vitamin D, while the cherries add a boost […]

Layered Berry Smoothie

Berry your taste buds in a wave of colors with our Layered Berry Smoothie. As beautiful as it is delicious, this easy recipe stacks an assortment of blended berries with Lifeway Kefir for a smoothie treat that’s loaded with nutrients. Lifeway Kefir is the best smoothie starter because it loads the glass with probiotics and […]

Strawberry Milkshake Chia Pudding

Shake up your snack game with our Strawberry Banana Chia Pudding Milkshake. Using our rich and creamy Strawberry Banana Lifeway Kefir as the base, this simple yet sumptuous creation reinvents the beloved blend with a dose of Lifeway’s probiotic magic. By blending our protein-packed Lifeway Kefir with fresh bananas and strawberries, then folding in chia […]

Brown Sugar Espresso Overnight Oats

We espresso. There’s a latte love with these Brown Sugar Espresso Overnight Oats. You can’t sleep on a breakfast that mixes creamy Lifeway Farmer Cheese and hearty oats with rich espresso and sweet brown sugar. You’ll be thinking about this recipe every night, because it starts your morning with a coffee kick from a shot […]

Blueberry Cloud Smoothie

To celebrate the earth, we’ve blended fruits and vegetables from our favorite planet with probiotic-packed Lifeway Kefir and Lifeway Farmer Cheese to create an earth-inspired treat. From lush rainforests to icy polar caps, our planet is a marvel, and our Blueberry Cloud Smoothie pays homage to its splendor with layers of green, blue, and white […]

Orange and Banana Cream Smoothie

Our Orange and Banana Cream Smoothie combines the goodness of Lifeway Kefir and Lifeway Farmer Cheese with the vibrant flavors of oranges and bananas, creating a lusciously smooth citrus delight to kickstart your day with a burst of bright flavor and a sunny disposition. Cultured Dairy: The Nutrition Benefits You Need to Know With increasing […]