Strawberry Rhubarb Smoothie

It’s peak rhubarb season, and we’re ready to get down with our Strawberry Rhubarb Smoothie. We love this pink vegetable. Tart and tangy with a bit of a citrus bite, rhubarb is loaded with vitamin K which studies have tied to bone metabolism and regulation of blood calcium levels. This malleable #recipe can be milk-based […]

Tangerine and Pineapple Sherbet

Simple to make. Simply delicious. This #SmoothieSaturday, we mix four wholesome ingredients into a lovely sherbet that’s creamy, tasty, and loaded with #probiotics. It’s a flexible #recipe that is easily adjusted for vegans and dairy-lovers alike. Just blend tangerines, pineapples, and mangos with Lifeway Oat or Lifeway Kefir and this treat is ready to be […]

Earth Day Smoothie

Happy #EarthDay! 🌎 From the lush tropical rainforests to the dry desert landscapes, from the mountainous highlands to the frigid polar caps, our planet is a thing of beauty. To celebrate #EarthDay, we’ve taken the fruits and vegetables from our favorite planet and blended them into a delicious smoothie. It starts with @LifewayOat. Made from […]

Tropical Cantaloupe Boats

Ahoy! Set a course for gut health with our Tropical Cantaloupe Boats. These easy-to-make, fruit-filled treats will brighten any table. They’re perfect for picnics, dinner parties, outdoor gatherings, or just a low-key night in. We use Lifeway Coconut Honey Kefir in this #recipe for its smooth texture and outstanding flavor. Lifeway Coconut Honey Kefir is […]

Cherry Cheesecake Smoothie

Today’s #recipe is all that with a cherry on top! 🍒Inspired by one of our favorite desserts, we take the rich taste and silky texture of cherry cheesecake and transform it into a scrumptious smoothie. It’s a thick, creamy treat that rises above conventional smoothies thanks to our Lifeway Whole Milk Vanilla Kefir. Packed with […]

Almond Cookie Smoothie

This #SmoothieSaturday, we skip the cookie aisle but still satisfy our sweet tooth with our Almond Cookie #Smoothie. Made with our non-dairy Lifeway Oat as its base, this #recipe uses fruit, nuts, and a bit of maple syrup to mimic that fresh-baked cookie taste that we love. It’s loaded with nutrients too. Dates are high […]

Layered Awareness Smoothie

Today is #AutismAwareness Day. We’re hoping to help to spread awareness with a smoothie that showcases the symbolic colors of the cause. Our Layered Awareness Smoothie is #recipe that blends our Lifeway Kefir with the bright hues of different fruits, and then arranges them to reflect the colors of the rainbow. There is no one […]

Peach Bellini

Let’s get smoothie Saturday started! The weather has becoming nicer, so naturally that makes us want to sip on some sweet drinks. We created a vegan and kefir version with our new Lifeway Oat. You can leave in or take out the Prosecco depending on preference, and time of day. This recipe is not one […]

Mango Pistachio Smoothie

It takes two to mango 🥭 This beautifully layered Mango Pistachio Smoothie combines the tropical, floral flavor of mangos with earthy, buttery pistachios. Mangos are always a good smoothie ingredient because they’re naturally thick, so they make a smoothie that’s rich and creamy. They’re also bursting with vitamin C, which is crucial for immunity. Pistachios […]

Chocolate Mint Smoothie

To celebrate the classic combo of mint and chocolate, we blended together kefir, frozen bananas, chocolate kefir, spinach, avocado, mint leaves, collagen, ice, cacao nibs and topped it off with shaved chocolate, whipped coconut cream, and mint leaves. True to that coveted mint chocolate flavor, this blend is a healthy swap that doesn’t sacrifice taste.  Cultured […]