Whipped Farmer Cheese and Smoked Salmon Toast

You’re going to love this toast a lox! Our Whipped Farmer Cheese and Smoked Salmon Toast is a rich and filling upgrade from your standard bagel and lox. Our #protein-rich Lifeway Farmer Cheese is the secret ingredient. The crisp slices of cucumber and delicately folded slivers of salmon, combined with this #probiotic spreadable cheese creates […]

Egg Salad Toast

We’re pretty egg-cited about our #ToastTuesday #recipe this week 🥚 This bright Egg Salad Toast combines fresh eggs and Lifeway Farmer Cheese to make it a #protein powerhouse. Plus, our farmer #cheese gives it an extra boost with live #probiotic cultures. This egg salad is rich and creamy, with added mix-ins of cucumber and chives […]

Raspberry Jalapeño Toast

Chop it like it’s hot! 🔥 Things are getting a little spicy this #ToastTuesday with our Raspberry Jalapeño Toast. The hot flavor of jalapeños peppers mixed with cool sautéed raspberries and our #protein-rich Lifeway Farmer Cheese is a treat for the senses. And with Lifeway Farmer Cheese’s 12 active #probiotic cultures, it’s also a treat […]

Spring Hummus and Pretzel Toast

We were in a real twist and couldn’t decide between #ToastTuesday and #NationalPretzelDay, so we decided to weave the two together 🥨 For bonus points, we folded in our favorite spread with our Spring Hummus and Pretzel Toast #recipe. First, we made the hummus with our #probiotic Farmer Cheese. The mild flavor of our cheese […]

Sautéed Radish and Bacon Toast

Ready for a totally rad(ish) #ToastTuesday? Try our Sautéed Radish and Bacon Toast. Elevated by Lifeway Farmer Cheese, this is a simple #recipe with a complex flavor. Our #smallbatch cheese is a tasty and easy way to fortify your meals with #protein and #probiotics. Served atop toasted sourdough, the mild spice of radishes, the mellow […]

Berry French Toast Waffles

French Toast or Waffles? How about both? This amazing #ToastTuesday recipe fuses the gooey goodness of French toast with the crispy crunch of waffles for a fantastic fusion breakfast that will leave you wanting more. Lifeway Whole Milk Kefir makes the best batter. Whisk it with eggs, cinnamon, and sugar for a #protein-packed mixture that’s […]

Prosciutto and Asparagus Croissant

Sometimes we like to ham it up. This #ToastTuesday, we’re combining a few thin strips of prosciutto with crunchy, baked asparagus and serving it over a blanket of Lifeway Farmer Cheese on a toasted croissant. The Lifeway Farmer Cheese boosts this #recipe by loading it with #protein and #probiotics, so your bones, muscles, and gut […]

Roasted Tomato Toast

You say tomato, I say #ToastTuesday. For this recipe, we marinated a fresh batch of tomatoes in a blend of olive oil and garlic and give it a splash of Worcestershire sauce to accentuate the flavor. We cook the ripe red fruit and serve it over a bed of our tasty Lifeway Farmer Cheese and […]

Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet potatoes are divine veggies that grace our plates in all different ways. These beauties range in color from orange, yellow, and purple. From a prepped meal to a post-workout snack, sweet potatoes are full of flavor and all things good for you. These sweet potato toasts bring out the best of their sweetness while […]

Cajun Cauliflower Po Boy

Yearning for some succulent southern flavors? Look no farther. One bite of our Cajun Cauliflower Po Boy and your tastebuds will rage with flavor. Spread a thick serving of our probiotic farmer cheese on golden brown french rolls, then layer on marinated Air Fried cauliflower, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, pickles, and top it off with a […]