5 Waffle Recipes With Lifeway Kefir and Farmer Cheese for National Waffle Day


Celebrate National Waffle Day today with us by using Lifeway kefir and farmer cheese by trying out our favorite waffle recipes. Kefir makes a great alternative to buttermilk, and you can easily smear a delicious dab of our farmer cheese on your waffles, too. All those beneficial probiotics in Lifeway kefir and Lifeway farmer cheese create a healthier you, and they ensure a soft, fluffy waffle, which is what we all want, right?

Here are some of our most delicious waffle recipes for National Waffle Day. Try one or two, or all of them—we won’t judge!


1. Berry French Toast Waffles


These are the perfect way to use our plain whole milk kefir if you’re not a fan of drinking it straight up, and you’ll get all the benefits that cultured dairy products have to offer, not to mention a tasty waffle. Get the recipe here.


2. Toasted Peach Cobbler Waffles


These are just peachy if we do say so ourselves! They feature our peach and vanilla kefir and are a wonderful way to incorporate fresh fruit into your diet, along with whole grain oats for prebiotic fiber. Get the recipe here.


3.  Spiced Waffle Bites


These delicious bites use our Farmer Cheese as the creamy spread that enhances the crispy bites. Our Farmer Cheese is not your average cheese; it’s a probiotic, protein-rich cheese to use instead of basic cottage or cream cheese. Trust us, you’ll love these bites! Get the recipe here.


4. Breakfast Nacho Waffles


If you want a new way to eat your waffles, then you’ve got to try these savory, cheesy Breakfast Nacho Waffles. Gooey, filling, and good for you, they will surely satisfy your tummies for any meal you choose. Get the recipe here!


5. Nashville Hot Cauliflower Waffles


Down home and southern with a spicy finish, these veggie-i-fied waffles are a true breakfast treat. This tasty, tangy sandwich is so good that you won’t even care that it’s meat-free. It’s lip-smacking delicious and will make you feel good knowing you got your probiotics in the form of a sandwich! Get the recipe here.


Want more waffle recipes? Find them right here, or search all our recipes for more ways to use Lifeway products. Share your recipe creation with us on Instagram, and we might just share them!