Celebrating Fathers: Father’s Day 2017

Here at Lifeway, we understand how hard it is to be a parent: juggling work, children, and a healthy lifestyle. That is why we create nutritious products that kids love and parents can feel good about. Moms get all the credit for their incredible balancing abilities – and they deserve it – but what about dads?


Father’s Day is particularly special for Lifeway because of our humble beginnings 30 years ago. Back in 1986, Michael Smolyansky began making kefir in his basement. Though the cultured dairy drink was famous back in Russia, it wasn’t available in the US and Michael knew he wanted to change that. With lots of help, the Smolyansky family took the company public just two years later and now Lifeway is the largest manufacturer of kefir in the US.

We celebrate Father’s Day to recognize all those fathers, like Michael, who strive every day to provide for their families, regardless if they are CEOs or stay-at-home dads. What’s a better way to thank your dad than to treat him to a home-cooked dinner?

Fire Up The Grill!

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the summer weather and take your grill out of hibernation. Start the meal off with our Pomegranate Kefir Baba Ghanoush. The eggplant’s smokey flavor is the perfect start to your cookout. Then serve up Seamus Mullen’s Grilled Chicken Skewers with Kefir Cucumber Raita, a light, flavorful summer dish that’s both easy and super versatile! You can always sub out any of the veggies or use tofu or shrimp instead of chicken. Finish off your Father’s Day meal with our healthy, refreshing Strawberry Probiotic Nice cream! Check out our other dessert recipes for dads with a craving for chocolate.

Father’s Day Activities!

Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to spend some quality time with the father(s) in your life. Head to your local beach to build sand castles, kayak, or splash in the waves together. Or, take them some Lifeway kefir and share a healthy smoothie. Whatever suits you!

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